July 14, 2017

Springfield, Tennessee is Moving Fitness Forward with GTfit

The Right Fit

​Springfield, Tennessee is taking steps to make their community healthier and more active. Last year the community hosted a soda-free summer event, encouraging children and families to choose water over sugary drinks. They offer weight-loss programs for county employees, and they are seeking grants to provide other options for community health and wellness. One such grant, the Rural Access to Health and Healthy Active Built Environments, is part of a Tennessee Department of Health initiative to fund fitness projects in 89 rural counties. Robertson County Health Department Director Vanessa Watkins recently took advantage of this grant to bring GTfit outdoor fitness products to Springfield. 

The fitness area was installed along the greenway at J. Travis Price Park by Dominica Recreation Products, GameTime's exclusive representative in Middle Tennessee. The area includes a recumbent bike, two Cardio Walkers and an ADA accessible Lat Pull Down. All of the equipment is constructed of high quality, durable materials and designed for outdoor use.

At the grand opening, people were instructed on how to use the equipment by a fitness trainer. Each piece of equipment includes visual instructions that are clearly marked on the equipment. The instructions also include a link and a QR code that people can scan with a smartphone to view instructional videos.

In addition to providing opportunities for local adults to be more active outdoors, Vanessa Watkins believes the new equipment could improve the economy of Robertson County. “Communities with healthier work forces are better able to attract businesses as it costs less to insure their employees, and absenteeism due to illness is reduced,” Watkins said.

Robertson County's adult obesity rate is currently 35%. Watkins and Parks Director Terry Martin are trying to lower that number. “Hopefully this grant is the first step to a broader plan of increasing public access to physical activity and healthy lifestyle,” Watkins said.

Terry Martin is looking for ways to partner with the Health Department to improve public health. "I’m hoping Vanessa (Watkins) will get more grants in the future,” he said. "We want to team up with the health department and work together to add more equipment to J. Travis Price Park and others throughout the county."

If You Go:

  • J. Travis Price Park is located at 4155 Wilkes Rd, Springfield, TN 37172. Map
  • View the instructional videos for each of the new fitness products

If You're Ready to Move Fitness Forward in Your Community:

Contact a GameTime representative in your neighborhood for more information about GTfit or request a copy of the Outdoor Fitness Park Planning Guide

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