Design Program // NatureGrounds

Bringing Nature to Play

Reconnecting Children with Nature

Studies reveal a strong link between children's experiences being outdoors in nature and their psychological well-being and overall development.

Research shows that when children play in environments that integrate the nature and the built environment, they reach higher levels of physical activity, engage in more social interaction, and provide increased play value within the play space.

Created in partnership with the Natural Learning Initiative and our parent company, PlayCore, Nature Grounds® provides best practice guidelines for creating and retrofitting natural playgrounds that integrate manufactured play equipment and the living landscape to create richer play experiences.

Download the NatureGrounds executive summary!

Robin Moore DiplArch, MCP, Hon. ASLA A generation ago playing outdoors in nature was usually taken for granted, but times have changed. Now, nature must be deliberately designed back into children’s lives.

Designing Natural Playgrounds

By considering the existing topography and incorporating child-friendly plants that bring additional play value to your project, we strive to create more naturalized playgrounds in a variety of phases to meet your needs.

GameTime can help you visualize your project through state-of-the-art computer aided design services, implement best practices into the overall design, and recommend zone specific plants to bring additional value to your play environment. Using GameTime's recycled roofs and panels, along with other nature themed play elements you can further add to the natural appeal of your playground.

Become a National Demonstration Site!

Armed with the information in NatureGrounds, your community can create a naturalized play environment that will be recognized for implementing the research-based best practice design guidelines. Your community will be awarded an esteemed National Demonstration Site designation to promote your leadership and gain national awareness. Learn more about becoming a National Demonstation Site.