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Church Playground and Fitness Equipment for Stronger Communities

Here are some of our most popular play and recreation options for churches who want to meet the needs of every generation and ability.

Expression Swing
Preschool Play Structures
Outdoor Seating
Outdoor Exercise Equipment
Inclusive Whirl

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Sage Hills Church

Creating a space for all kids to grow

Featured Fitness Options

Let's Work Together to Create Spaces for Everybody


Listen and Learn

Every community is unique, and your inclusive playground solution should be, too. Our accessibility and inclusion experts will meet with you to better understand your needs, budget, and available space. From the first meeting to the grand opening, you'll have experienced and local support every step of the way!


Design and Build

GameTime offers a comprehensive portfolio of inclusive playground and outdoor fitness equipment. Our design experts will help you select the right combination to design an outdoor recreation and play space that meets your needs. With local certified installers, you can be assured your inclusive playground will be built to our specifications and your expectations.


Report the Results

Inclusive playgrounds that meet the requirements for National Demonstration Site status are part of a nationwide data framework. As your park is utilized, we compile the usage data into useful reports that show the positive impact you're making on the community. 

Community Champions for Inclusive Play


Expression Swing Universal

Create multigenerational play opportunities for adults and children of all abilities with an adaptive swing seat combined with our adult swing seat. The patented design provides the same face-to-face, eye-to-eye design that promotes attunement while at play.

Featured Church Playground Projects



Saddleback Church Creates a Custom Play Space

Mountain Brook Community Church

News from GameTime

Check out the related news and announcements from GameTime.

February 13, 2024

GameTime Announces New Playground Products for 2024

As we step into the new year, there’s only one thing on our mind as dedicated play innovators- what is the future of play? What barriers still hinder children from having a truly comprehensive play experience?

We are unwavering in our commitment to crafting spaces that honor and celebrate the diverse needs of every community. Delving into the intricacies of existing limitations, we engaged in a creative brainstorming process, conceiving innovative solutions to surpassing these challenges.

Today marks an exciting milestone as we unveil three new playground products, each designed to elevate the standards of play and pave the way for every child's success.


Zip Slide


Catalina Climbing System

Catalina sets itself apart from traditional playground climbers due to

February 05, 2024

Play for Big Imaginations: A Look at Preschool Playground Equipment and Early Childhood Playgrounds

Designing a playground for preschools and early learning centers is a task that goes beyond mere aesthetics; it is a thoughtful process that intertwines growth, education, and - most importantly - fun!

A well-designed playground serves as a dynamic space where young minds embark on a journey of exploration and discovery. From vibrant colors to age-appropriate equipment, every element within the space plays a critical role in fostering physical, cognitive,

November 08, 2023

Stay Strong, Stay Playful: Why Adults Need Outdoor Fitness as They Age

As we mature, the importance of staying active doesn't diminish. In fact, regular physical activity becomes even more crucial for maintaining good health, both physically and mentally. But let's face it, the gym routine can lose its luster after years of treadmill sprints and weight machine lifts. What if your workout could be an invigorating adventure in the fresh air, surrounded by sunshine and the whisper of leaves?

Enter the world of outdoor fitness, a vibrant playground not just for children, but for adults of all ages and fitness levels. Imagine an outdoor gym nestled within your local park, equipped with durable, weather-resistant fitness equipmentdesigned specifically for adult use. This is the vision brought to life by GameTime. We pioneered the outdoor fitness park and help communities around the world create fun and social outdoor workout spaces for adults.

Well-Rounded Outdoor Workouts

GameTime's outdoor fitness equipment is designed for