Design Program // Outdoor Adult Fitness Parks

Best Practices for Promoting Community Health by Increasing Physical Activity
The purpose of the Outdoor Adult Fitness Parks guidebook is to inspire communities to advocate for and utilize Outdoor Adult Fitness Parks as critical health solutions for increasing physical activity and social engagement. PlayCore, along with a variety of industry professionals, fitness experts, organizational advocates, and local champions across a variety of communities, offers an educational and design resource to help promote community health and capital through innovative fitness solutions.

Michael Suk Chairman of Orthopaedic Surgery, Geisinger Health System Danville, PA Outdoor Adult Fitness Parks can play a vital role in motivating people of all ages and levels of fitness toward achieving a healthier, more active and more productive life.

Become a National Demonstration Site!

Armed with the information in the Outdoor Adult Fitness Parks Guidebook, your community can build an outdoor adult fitness park that will be recognized for implementing the best practice principles that integrate health and wellness into your community. Your community will be awarded an esteemed National Demonstration Site designation to promote your leadership and gain national awareness. Learn more about becoming a National Demonstation Site.

Comprehensive program includes:

 ► 62 page educational/design resource:

  • History and benefits of outdoor fitness parks
  • Aligning equipment to total body fitness
  • Planning context and locations
  • Targeting and marketing to user groups
  • Implementation and sustainability
  • Programming to expand utilization
  • Evaluating and reporting outcomes
  • Best practice case study examples, a dedicated website with benefits, exercises, a full database of Outdoor Adult Fitness Parks, and more

► Professional development training module

► The Outdoor Adult Fitness Parks National Demonstration Site program, national recognition and press exposure for sites that follow the best practice guidelines and establish outdoor adult fitness parks in their community