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Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Outdoor Gyms and Workout Areas

We Know You Want to Improve Community Health

When we speak with parks professionals or campus recreation departments, they ask us, “what can I do to encourage adults to be more active outdoors?" When looking for that answer, they often focus on walking paths and open green spaces, rather than outdoor exercise equipment or outdoor workout areas. 

We Build Outdoor Fitness Spaces People Love

We can all agree parks and outdoor spaces are essential for improving the physical and mental health of adults and families. That’s why our answer is purposefully-designed outdoor fitness spaces based on best practice research with exercise in mind. This answers the common question of how to get more adults to be active outdoors, and it can increase overall usage of your outdoor recreation areas. 

Combining High Quality Fitness Equipment With Research & Data

GameTime provides outdoor fitness equipment to help communities be more active and combat the health risks associated with overweight and obesity. Using a comprehensive portfolio of outdoor fitness products, we apply best practice research to create a complete solution. Eligible projects qualify for usage analysis to help you determine the effectiveness of your space with real data.

Case Study

Fitness Options for All Abilities

Ken Malloy Harbor Regional Fitness Park

Ken Malloy Harbor Regional Park is the site of one of the largest outdoor fitness parks in the Los Angeles area. It includes three distinct areas of fitness products: standard (bodyweight and motion products, including accessible/inclusive options), therapeutic (designed specifically for users age 55 and up), and elite (advanced training options for athletes). Each fitness area is installed on color-coded safety surfacing and includes instructional signage. Adults and older teens use the park on a regular basis to achieve their health and wellness goals, and personal trainers routinely schedule bootcamp classes and other group fitness sessions. 

Here's How We Do It


Listen and Learn

Every community is unique, and your outdoor fitness solution should be, too. Our outdoor fitness experts will meet with you to better understand your needs, budget, and available space. From the first meeting to the grand opening, you'll have experienced and local support every step of the way!


Design and Build

GameTime offers a comprehensive portfolio of outdoor fitness equipment. Our design experts will help you select the right combination to design a fitness space that meets your needs. With local certified installers, you can be assured your outdoor fitness equipment will be built to our specifications and your expectations.


Report the Results

Outdoor fitness spaces that meet the requirements for National Demonstration Site status are part of a nationwide data framework. As your park is utilized, we compile the usage data into useful reports that show the positive impact you're making on the community. 

THRIVE Compact Functional Outdoor Gym

THRIVE outdoor fitness systems accommodate multiple users at once with up to 20 fitness stations in as little as 250 square feet. Its compact size makes it easy to create an outdoor gym for people of all fitness levels.

Challenge Course Outdoor Obstacle Courses

Challenge Course is great way to encourage adults and families to be more active outdoors. These ninja warrior style outdoor obstacle courses combine challenges with timing systems for fun, friendly competition. 

GTFit Outdoor Fitness Equipment

GTFit outdoor fitness products provide a well-rounded fitness program for adults of all ages and fitness levels and include accessible options and products specifically designed for users over the age of 50.

Custom Outdoor Fitness Equipment Designs

Personal fitness is personal. If you want to personalize your outdoor fitness space, GameTime's Landmark Design Team can help create the perfect fit for your community.

News from GameTime

Check out the latest news and information about outdoor fitness equipment from GameTime.

April 23, 2024

Fitness Parks: Exploring Youth Fitness, Outdoor Fitness Equipment, and Outdoor Obstacle Courses

Picture this: It’s a beautiful Tuesday afternoon – 72 degrees, a slight breeze, and the local foliage fully in bloom – but you’re stuck at work until 5:00. Maybe the end of the day rolls around sooner rather than later, but even then, you’re stuck inside once again, as you promised a friend to work out together at a local gym.

Fortunately, there are other options, such as exercising at an outdoor fitness park. Parents can even work out at these gyms as children play with the adjacent playground equipment.

Read on to learn more about outdoor fitness equipment and how to design a fitness park.


The Importance of Outdoor Fitness 

One benefit to creating outdoor fitness spaces is its appeal across generations. Every age group benefits from engaging with nature, as it decreases overall stress, improves

March 15, 2024

National Demonstration Site Playgrounds: How These Research-Based Playgrounds Benefit Generations to Come

While building a park in any capacity is valuable, research suggests that outdoor recreation spaces flourish when their design is founded in research, supplemental programming is offered, and stakeholders actively participate in the planning process.

National Demonstration Sites (NDS) are playgrounds that showcase leadership in best practice design, support health-related initiatives, and collect data that stakeholders can use to understand the sites’ impact on the community. Through five distinct categories, the NDS program facilitates the translation of research into practical implementation at local parks. 
Read on to learn more about the NDS program and its five categories. 

Play On!: Youth Physical Activity 

Experience the excitement of Play On!® playgrounds, where innovative

November 08, 2023

Stay Strong, Stay Playful: Why Adults Need Outdoor Fitness as They Age

As we mature, the importance of staying active doesn't diminish. In fact, regular physical activity becomes even more crucial for maintaining good health, both physically and mentally. But let's face it, the gym routine can lose its luster after years of treadmill sprints and weight machine lifts. What if your workout could be an invigorating adventure in the fresh air, surrounded by sunshine and the whisper of leaves?

Enter the world of outdoor fitness, a vibrant playground not just for children, but for adults of all ages and fitness levels. Imagine an outdoor gym nestled within your local park, equipped with durable, weather-resistant fitness equipmentdesigned specifically for adult use. This is the vision brought to life by GameTime. We pioneered the outdoor fitness park and help communities around the world create fun and social outdoor workout spaces for adults.

Well-Rounded Outdoor Workouts

GameTime's outdoor fitness equipment is designed for