July 06, 2017

PlayTrails Signs Make Learning Fun on Indiana Trail

Playful Paths

Grassy Creek Regional Park (Indianapolis, Indiana) is situated on 152 acres of forest, wetlands and sedge meadow. It's a beautiful, natural setting with numerous hiking and walking trails. Thanks to new PlayTrails Fun Facts signs, it's also a place for families to learn about nature in a playful way!

With the help of a recreational trail program grant from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Indy Parks and Recreation installed four signs: Birds, Trees, Pond Life and Leaves. Each sign features fun facts about the habitat or natural element, as well as a playful game or activity for children and families to enjoy along the trail.

GameTime offers 13 PlayTrails Fun Facts signs, as well as three electronic sound panels that feature realistic water and animal sounds. They add a playful and educational element to any nature trail, walking path or greenway.

If you visit Grassy Creek Regional Park:

  1. Download our PlayTrails Activity Guides - they include fun activities and information for your entire family to enjoy along the trail.
  2. Keep an eye out for the diverse bird population. The trail is a favorite destination for birders. You might see sparrows, herons, ducks, sandpipers and more!

Want to make your paths more playful?

Contact the GameTime representative in your neighborhood to learn more about PlayTrails signs and play pockets. It's a fun alternative to traditional playgrounds, and an effective way to encourage families to utilize your local trails.