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Playground Activities that Promote Character Development

Thinking strategically about how your inclusive play environment will be programmed can greatly increase the usage of the space and further promote social equity in your community. 2 Play Together® strives to make a positive difference in inclusive play on the playground by creating communities that care through character education. It offers playground activities and tips for educators and programmers to foster social inclusion between children of all abilities outdoors, celebrate similarities and differences, and support character education initiatives.

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2PlayTogether: Fostering Friendships Through Inclusive Play equips educators and programmers with tips and playground activities to promote meaningful play, understanding, and fun between children with and without disabilities.

The resources and playground activities are specifically designed to promote character development and build inclusive communities by:

Program Highlights:

  • Disability Awareness Resources
  • Character Education Tips
  • Inclusive play activities for PreK-5th Grade
  • Inclusion Resources for Educators, Programmers, & Advocates
  • Supportive Research

Companion Program

Learn more about 2Play Together: Fostering Friendships Through Inclusive Play's companion program, Me2: 7 Principles of Inclusive Playground Design.