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Infuse Play with Nature

Play Trails is a revolutionary phenomenon that infuses play along linear trail systems to attract more children and families to pathway networks. "Play Pockets" are often themed with nature inspired playelements such as leaves, trees, mushrooms, dragonflies, frogs, turtles, spiders, bees, birds, and ants.

Fun, interactive signage and the Play Trails activity books help increase environmental literacy, reconnect children to nature, and encourage creativity, imagination, and physical activity as families play along the way.  Created by leading experts in environmental programming from The Acorn Group, the activities found within the booklets can be used as supplemental activities prior to, during, or after your experience. They are full of rich information and ideas to inspire children to learn about the wonders of nature, while developing a strong sense of environmental stewardship. Download the booklets below. 

Play Trails Activity Guides

Learn more about how to infuse play into pathway networks to encourage active lifestyles in nature with our Pathways For Play best practice guidebook.

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Animal Habitats:
There's No Place Like Home

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Cooperative Colonies

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Bees: Fantastic

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Birds: Engineers
by Instinct

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Bugs: Small but

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Butterflies: The
Magic of

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The Forest Floor:
A Living Layer
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Forest: Nature's
Air Filter
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Leaves: Hidden
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Pond Life:
A Busy Ecosystem
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Rocks: Earth's
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Spiders: Silk
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