June 14, 2021

Free Resources to Plan Campus Outdoor Fitness Spaces

Adding outdoor fitness equipment to your college campus provides physiological and psychological benefits for students, faculty, and the community. A study from the University of Georgia emphasizes the need for outdoor exercise, particularly during times of stress or uncertainty. For colleges and universities that want to enhance the quality of life for students, outdoor gym equipment can be a perfect solution. 

Read on and learn about free resources from GameTime to help you plan your outdoor fitness space.

Taking the Workouts Outdoors

Campus recreation departments across the country are committed to the health and wellness of students and faculty. We hear from many campus recreation professionals looking for ways to expand their fitness program outside the walls of the rec center and into outdoor spaces. Freeing up indoor training space expands capacity, and it also provides additional benefits from using an outdoor gym.

People who exercise outdoors are more likely to exercise more frequently and for more extended periods. Outdoor gym workouts also provide Vitamin D, which strengthens muscles and improves immune function. 

Planning an Outdoor Gym with Outdoor Fitness Equipment

As part of our GameTime Cares™ customer assistance program, GameTime offers a free resource planning toolkit for campus recreation. It includes articles, downloads, videos, and other resources to help you plan for right now and for what’s next. Click to view or download our campus recreation planning toolkit. It provides tips and ideas to maximize your outdoor workout space and provide high-quality outdoor fitness equipment for your students and faculty.

Partners for Campus Health and Wellness

GameTime is committed to working with colleges and universities to provide fun and innovative ways for college students to achieve their health and wellness goals. Our Campus Recreation Planning Kit is one of the many resources we offer to help with your planning. If you are ready to bring outdoor fitness equipment to your college campus, contact one of our outdoor fitness experts today!