June 21, 2021

GameTime Playground Grants Bring Play to Springfield, Ohio

One way GameTime supports community parks is with resources to help fund new playground and recreation projects. Many communities download our Playground Funding Guide to access charitable foundations that issue grants for new playgrounds. For two parks in Springfield, Ohio, grant funding from GameTime made it possible to build new playgrounds. 

Much Needed Playground Updates

Layne Addition Park added its very first playground with grant funds from GameTime. The new playground was installed by our Ohio representatives at DWA Recreation in April 2021 after the community received a grant last fall. 

This one-acre mini-park is a great place for nearby families to gather and play. It features a play structure and swings, including an Expression Swing for parents and children to enjoy together. 

New Reid Park has been without new playground equipment for two decades, but the funding from GameTime made it possible to update their play area. This 75-acre park is a popular destination for residents with wooded hiking trails, a soccer field, and a new playground for families to enjoy. 

Both parks are managed by the National Trails Parks and Recreation District. 

The new playgrounds are expected to draw visitors to the parks and provide some much-needed play and recreation. “Having playgrounds in our parks brings people together and improves our quality of life,” said Leann Castillo, District Director of National Trails and Parks. “We hope that our community members will visit all of our 24 parks and facilities this summer.”

Supporting Families Through Play and Recreation

Springfield, Ohio, is a city of about 60,000 people. According to the National Parks and Recreation Association (NRPA), Springfield provides a park per 2,400 residents. That’s much better than the state average of a park per 3,900 residents. 

Providing parks and playgrounds gives children a place to play and enhances the quality of life for everyone in the city. NRPA released a study that found  93% of adults say their mental health is improved by the services offered by local park and recreation departments. And the top three reasons people visit their local parks are: socializing with friends and family, spending time in nature, and getting more exercise. 

Partners in Play

GameTime is proud to support the efforts of communities like Springfield, Ohio, which want to make life better for families through play and recreation. The two new playgrounds at Layne Addition and New Reid Parks show the city’s commitment to community health and wellness. 

To learn more about funding opportunities for your next park and recreation project, contact the GameTime playground expert in your neighborhood.