June 04, 2021

The Right Workout the Right Way - How to Use Outdoor Gym Equipment

GameTime designs a full range of outdoor fitness equipment for parks, schools, hospitals, hotels, and other outdoor spaces. We created Stadium and KidCourse to make fun, active spaces for children ages 5 to 12. Children and families seeking adventure and excitement love our Challenge Course outdoor obstacle courses. 

For those who want a familiar indoor gym experience outdoors, there’s GTFit. You’ll find GTFit chest presses, recumbent cycles, pull-up bars, and more in parks, along walking trails, and even in apartment complexes and hotel courtyards. When space is at a premium, THRIVE compact fitness systems are the perfect fit for communities who want to stay fit.

One of the most frequent questions from outdoor fitness enthusiasts is, “how do you use outdoor gym equipment?” Knowing how to use outdoor fitness products is essential to maximizing the benefit of your workout. Read on to learn how GameTime provides instruction and guidance for outdoor workout equipment.

Instructional Videos for Outdoor Gym Equipment

Many people enjoy learning by watching others. That’s the idea behind our instructional videos for GTFit and THRIVE outdoor fitness products. Each GTFit and THRIVE product includes a label with a QR code. Users scan the code and watch a video on their mobile devices to see precisely how to use the product.

It’s like having a personal trainer with you for every workout!

Check the Label, Read the Sign

All our outdoor fitness products include instructional labels or signs. We affix high-visibility labels to our GTFit products and THRIVE fitness units. The labels explain how to use the products correctly and have safety guidelines for use.

Challenge Course, Stadium, and THRIVE include large, easy-to-read signs. These signs demonstrate how to run a course, maneuver through the stadium or perform repetitions on a fitness station. 

Each label or sign includes a QR code with additional tools, helpful information, or instructional videos.

Trainer-Designed Outdoor Workout Programs

For people who want a little extra motivation to exercise, we offer trainer-designed workout plans for our THRIVE 250, 450, and 900 outdoor gyms. The programs are easy to follow and provide a full-body workout in about 20 minutes. There are separate plans for beginner, intermediate, and advanced users. 

Welcome to Your Outdoor Gym

If you’ve ever wondered, “how do you use outdoor gym equipment?” GameTime has you covered. All our outdoor fitness products include signs or labels with usage instructions or links to instructional videos. We also provide easy-to-follow workout plans for our THRIVE systems. 

If your community is ready to transform a park or green space into an outdoor gym, contact the GameTime outdoor fitness expert in your neighborhood.