October 16, 2020

Four Ways Prop 68 Funds Can Spruce Up Nature Trails and Playgrounds

In 2018, Proposition 68 was passed by California voters, which invests $4.1 billion in outdoor infrastructure, conservation, and recreation projects. GameTime has already written about ways Prop 68 funds can better your community through parks and playgrounds, but did you know Prop 68 also allocates $55 million specifically for greenway and trail improvements? Although we’re known for helping make your playground dreams come true, GameTime can also help you enhance your local nature trail!

We’re committed to improving all outdoor spaces, so we wanted to share four ways Prop 68 funds can be used to upgrade your trail or greenway.

1. Nature-themed Play Pockets

Landscape architects and parks professionals can use Prop 68 funds to create nature-based play areas and trails

Considering your nature trail is in nature, shouldn’t the elements throughout the trail reflect that? GameTime currently offers fun nature-themed play pockets that blend in with the environment and bring your walkway to life. Whether it's an ant hill tunnel, a log balance beam, or a tree swing, we have you covered on all of your outdoor-themed play needs. 

2. Educational Activities

GameTime helps landscape architects design custom educational play areas

It might sound crazy, but play can be both fun AND educational. If you’re in a community that’s rich in history or has a significant amount of biodiversity, your nature trail can celebrate that through educational play activities. GameTime has already installed informational play elements in parks like Henry Horton State Park, which is one of the most biodiverse places in the entire country. Your local park doesn’t have to be incredibly biodiverse to warrant including an educational play pocket.

Our educational signage and play areas are completely customizable. You can choose to include the information that best fits your community!

3. Essential Trail Accessories

Landscape architects can use Prop 68 funds to add nature-themed site accessories to your park, playground, or trail

It's fun to spend Prop 68 funds on play elements, but certain accessories are essential for providing a comprehensive nature trail experience. Don't forget or overlook items like litter receptacles and bike racks. They are necessary components of a complete greenway.

The COVID-19 pandemic has also underscored the importance of providing hand sanitizer stations in parks and playgrounds. These types of items are also essential for promoting the safety of visitors and a great use of Prop 68 money. 

4. Shading and Seating

Seating and shade options help landscape architects complete their Prop 68 funded projects

Seating elements placed throughout your park or trail system provide visitors with a space for common activities like reading a book or tying a shoe. They can provide a nice respite for those needing a break after a long stroll. Additionally, shade structures are crucial additions to greenways, particularly in the warmer areas of the country.

Just because these items are vital to providing a safe and inclusive trail doesn’t mean they have to be boring. GameTime has over THIRTY shade structure options of different sizes, shapes, and colors, so you can customize your trail experience down to your exact specifications.

Invest in Your Local Greenway

Thanks to Prop 68, every California community has the opportunity to revamp or even create the nature trail of your dreams at a reasonable cost, and by utilizing GameTime’s services, you can make that dream a reality. If you’d like to take advantage of the Prop 68 funds available, you can contact a California GameTime representative today. They will use their expertise to guide you through the design process, equipment selection, and even maximize your funding.