October 02, 2020

Transforming a State Park Playground Into an Inclusive Destination

Located on the shores of the Duck River, Henry Horton State Park is one of the most biodiverse ecosystems in North America. The park, which welcomes around 700,000 visitors each year, is also home to beautiful scenery, along with amenities like a golf course, campsites, a lodge and a restaurant. The combination of outdoor recreation activities and biodiversity made Henry Horton State Park an ideal location for a BlueCross Healthy Place.  

Entrance to the Henry Horton State Park, site of GameTIme's Healthy Place project with BlueCross BlueShield Foundation of Tennessee

Henry Horton State Park welcomes over 700,000 visitors each year


Inclusive Play For All

GameTime inclusive playground at Henry Horton State Park

Every area of the BlueCross Healthy Place at Henry Horton State Park is fully accessible and inclusive


One of the goals of the Henry Horton Park Rangers was to create a place for everyone to play. The new play space includes two fully incluive play areas: one for children ages 2-5 and one for children ages 5-12. Both play spaces include ramp access, universally-designed equipment, and a soft rubber safety surface for people who use wheelchairs or other mobility devices.

An Educational Play Experience

GameTime educational play experience at Henry Horton State Park

One of the many educational play areas at the BlueCross Healthy Place at Henry Horton State Park is a custom grist mill and informational sign created by GameTime.


As the first BlueCross Healthy Place completed within a state park, the Healthy Place at Henry Horton State Park prioritizes celebrating nature and biodiversity in the region. The Duck River, for example, houses more species of freshwater fish than all of the rivers in Europe combined! In addition to improving the accessibility of the park, the project features a discovery trail and several experiential education pods designed to teach children about area wildlife and the history of the park. These educational play spaces include an erosion table, elements explaining the lifecycle of a frog, and a small gristmill.

Building Stronger Communities

GameTime splash pad at Henry Horton State Park

The custom Mussel Fountain splash pad is a fun, educational, and inclusive play experience


BlueCross Healthy Places demonstrate a commitment to giving back to people and communities. These park transformations provide spaces for social connection and healthy activity. GameTime is proud to partner with BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee Foundation to help our neighbors across Tennessee live happier, healthier lives.

If you're interested in bringing inclusive, educational, and active play to your community, contact the GameTime representative in your area.