October 09, 2020

Five Ways to Invest in Your Community With Prop 68 Funds

On June 5, 2018, California voters passed Proposition 68. The $4 billion “Parks, Environment, and Water Bond Act of 2018” is detailed in Division 45 of the Public Resources Code. Prop 68 provides hundreds of millions of dollars to fund park improvements, new playgrounds, and recreation spaces that support outdoor activity for children and families. 

The Prop 68 statewide park program is currently funding dozens of projects across California. If your community has applied for Prop 68 funding or already received Prop 68 funds, you may be wondering how you can use those funds to invest in your community. Here are five ways communities are using Prop 68 funds for playgrounds, fitness equipment, and other park amenities.

1. Playgrounds For All Ages and Abilities

Prop 68 Playgrounds for InclusionCommercial playground equipment has come a long way in the last decade. Studies show playgrounds can help enhance social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development in children. When designed using best practice research, they can also make play accessible and inclusive for everyone. 

2. Outdoor Fitness Equipment For Adults

From familiar-looking equipment like a pull-up bar or chest press to competitive obstacle courses, outdoor fitness parks provide a free, accessible way for adults to exercise. Research shows people who exercise outdoors workout more often and for longer periods of time. Consider adding fitness equipment along a trail or walking path to increase physical activity. 

3. Picnic Areas and Social Site Amenities

More than ever, families are looking for ways to gather together in parks. Picnic tables, seating areas, and other site amenities give people a place to rest, relax, and enjoy a moment together outdoors. To help people feel safer, consider adding outdoor hand sanitizer stations so everyone can keep their hands clean before, during, and after their park visit. 

4. Sport Courts and Athletic Fields

Add athletic fields and sport courts to your community with Prop 68 fundsSome of the most popular amenities in a park are spaces designed for team sports. Adding sports equipment like basketball courts and bleachers can enhance the experience. There are low maintenance options for athletic fields like synthetic turf and accessible surfacing choices for basketball, tennis, and other court activities. 

5. Shade Structures

GameTime shade structures make your Prop 68-funded play area more comfortable.

One of the ways to make a day at the park more comfortable is with shade structures. Freestanding shade and shelters can cover large areas like fitness parks, picnic areas, and other gathering spaces. Integrated shade products provide targeted protection from the sun on playgrounds, fitness equipment, and other high-traffic areas.

Invest In Your Community

Prop 68 is providing communities with hundreds of millions of dollars to create fun, active spaces for families. If you are looking for ideas and inspiration to invest Prop 68 funds in your community, contact one of our California GameTime representatives. They can help you maximize your funding, choose the right amenities for your park, and create a space that will make a positive impact for decades to come.