Fitness-Inspired Play for Active Kids

Xscape playground systems are designed to help preschool and school age children improve upper body strength and overall health and wellness.

Nathan Houx, RLA Nathan Houx, RLA, City of Modesto Parks Project Coordinator Xscape is easy to install, which keeps costs down, and the design promotes more active use than traditional play systems.
UWW Kitty Hsu Dana, Vice President United Way Worldwide Experts recommend that young people engage in moderate-to-vigorous physical activity for at least 60 minutes a day. Xscape is designed to help children develop active, healthy bodies, as well as personal and social skills.
Why Choose Xscape?

Fitness Matters

Play makes us strong. Xscape systems are easily integrated into existing school physical education programs and help children build good exercise habits in a fun way.

Options for Children of All Ages

Xscape's modular design makes it easy to create an age-appropriate play area for children ages 2 to 5 that enhances balance and strength, as well as an obstacle course-style play area that appeals to older children.

Design Flexibility

Combine Xscape with PowerScape and PrimeTime systems to create a unique play system. Xscape's overhead climbers, links and destination freestanding events are the perfect complement to a traditional play structure.

Xscape Accessories

Complete the Xscape play experience with Xscape swing bays, playhouses and other freestanding play activities designed to complement your play environment. 

Featured System: Challenger

Pure Xscape, pure fun. Challenger is a compact design featuring two freestanding Xscape slides functionally linked to overhead climbers, X-Pod Steps, twin Triton climbers, climbing walls and more!

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Featured System: Pivot Point

Affordable PrimeTime meets exciting Xscape in this hybrid design that features plenty of climbing and balancing activities for children ages 2 to 5 or 5 to 12.

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Featured System: Excelsior

Affordable adventures for children ages 2 to 5! This Xscape system is like a mini obstacle course for preschoolers and includes musical instruments, built-in seating and plenty of climbing and balancing activities!

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