Playground Construction Guide

Construction Guide for the Perfect Playground

Ready to build a playground, and not sure where to begin? GameTime offers a handy checklist to help you build the perfect playground.

Things to consider when planning your playground:

  1. Site & Access
  2. Playgrounds
  3. Surfacing
  4. Shade
  5. Permits

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Site & Access

 An unobstructed path to the site, that will not present any damages to the surrounding area. 

 Depending on job, must accommodate a Bobcat type machine, and have a minimum access width of 8’. 

 Trees and landscaping may need to be removed. 

 Utilities located and marked by all appropriate local jurisdictions. 

 Is the ground flat? 

 Drainage. 


 Actual location of equipment must be provided. 

 Finished grade floor for top of playground surfacing to be determined. 

 Staging area will be needed for construction items and equipment not yet installed. 

 Water and electricity will be needed. 

 Access must be determined. 

 Location of anything buried must be marked. 

 Disposal of waste materials. 


 Staging area for several dump trucks of material. 

 Clean up. 

 Finish grade (borders/ dig out). 

 Drainage. 

 Security at night. 

 Disposal of wasted materials. 


 Lull access and maneuverability. 

 If there is existing equipment, we need the measurement of the highest point and the layout of equipment, can we get around equipment? 

 Underground utilities, note footers are massive, could be 8’x8’x8’ deep depending on size of shade. 

 Dirt removed from footers will need to be placed somewhere on site. 

 Very slow installation process. 


 Site Plans are needed, with setbacks noted. Owner must provide. 

 Must be signed by the owner of the property. 

 May take an extended period of time, depending on your municipality. 

 Costs of permits can vary greatly and sometimes final price is not known until the permits are ready to be picked up. 

 When permits are involved, inspections on site will be necessary. Project may seem suspended for long periods of time. Security may be a concern. 

 At conclusion of work, a final inspection will be required before opening. This may add even more time when the project looks complete. 


Tree Climber
Schooner Climber
Zip Slide
Double Zip Slide
Straight Horizontal Ladder
Pod Attachment
GTJams® Bongos
Bubble Panel
Fun-L Crawl Tube Link

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+ Curved Wilder Slide II
+ Hex Pod Steps (3)
+ Funnel Crow’s Nest with Telescope
+ Scramble Up Climber
+ Crazy Eight Climber
+ Xscape Trapeze Rings
+ ConnectScape Climber
+ Fun Seat
+ Slate Style Roofs with Eave

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+ Fun-L-Up and Across
+ Double Wilder Slide II
+ Hex Pod Steps (5)
+ GTJams® Ganaza
+ Erratic Climber
+ Whirlwind Climber
+ Xcelerator
+ Memory Game Panel
+ Symmetry Climbing Wall
+ Store Panel

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