Create More Ways to Play

Capacity and Strength

PowerScape commercial playgrounds use our largest uprights and decks for added strength and capacity. PowerScape also offers the widest range of outdoor playground equipment of any commercial play structure in its class to give you more options to create a great play experience in your park or playground. Constructed of durable materials and backed by the industry's leading warranty, it's the leading choice for urban and city installations because of its durability. PowerScape is also the perfect canvas for PlayWorx custom and themed play environments. For all ages, abilities, budgets and themes, PowerScape commercial playgrounds give you more ways to create play.

Dr. Michael Suk Dr. Michael Suk Active play in outdoor environments is the gateway to a healthier lifestyle.
Dr. Melissa Hughes When a child plays on a playground, up to 60% of his or her brain's intellectual capacity is activated.
Keith Christensen, Ph.D., Faculty Fellow, Utah State University Center for Persons with Disabilities Providing intergenerational, inclusive play ensures that all people experience the satisfaction of contributing to meaningful play.
Dr. Joe Frost Play, of both children and adults, serves social and cultural functions...creating distinct communities within society.
PowerScape Exclusives
Outdoor playground equipment by PowerScape offers a wide range of customization, from ShadowPlay to recycled Timbers.

Design Capablilities

Capture the sun's light with Shadow Play®, design a unique tactile experience with 3D or create a rustic appearance with recycled plastic Timbers®. No other commercial playgrounds give you as much flexibility to personalize your playground. 

Create custom-lite outdoor playground equipment with theming options.

Exclusive Theming Options

Add a theme to your PowerScape outdoor playground equipment with play sculptures, themed panels and roofs. Or use PowerScape as the foundation for a completely custom play experience that transforms an ordinary kids play structure into an extraordinary destination for fun.

Our patented DirectBolt connections mean your outdoor playground equipment will be easy to construct and stand up to the elements.

Patented DirectBolt Connections

PowerScape uses TruLoc® DirectBolt connections that are precision-drilled at the factory and certified by IPEMA to be compliant with ASTM standards. It’s the fastest and easiest way to install and maintain outdoor playground equipment – perfect for community builds.

You can include inclusive outdoor playground equipment with PowerScape's numerous deck and ramp options.

Inclusion & Accessibility

GameTime leads the industry with accessible options and inclusive outdoor playground equipment to make sure your PowerScape play system provides a wealth of play opportunities for children of all abilities.

Featured System: Lake Tansi

PowerScape Timbers panels and roofs give this play system a rustic look and the wide range of climbers provide varied challenges and activities for a variety of play styles.

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Featured System: Everwood

With distinctive, tactile PowerScape 3D Panels and conifer tree toppers, this play system brings a forest-themed style to your playground on a budget. 

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Featured System: All For Fun

Eligible for recognition as a National Demonstration Site for Inclusive Play, All For Fun is a compact inclusive play system designed using Me2: 7 Principles of Inclusive Playground Design.

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Featured System: Golden Valley

With plenty of shade structures to keep the play area cool and play activities for children of all abilties, this large inclusive play structure meets the eligibility requirements for National Demonstration Site status.

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