May 17, 2017

Time to Celebrate National Kids to Parks Day!


We think every day is a great day to take kids to a park. There's fresh air, room to play and opportunities to reconnect with friends and community members. This Saturday–May 20, 2017–is an even better day to take kids to a park because it is National Kids to Parks Day.

The National Park Trust has planned events in 1,200 different cities and parks across America. You can check it out to find an event in your area!

While you're deciding which event to attend, here are...

Five Ways to Enjoy National Kids to Parks Day This Saturday:

1. Pack a Picnic Lunch

Create a healthy lunch and take along a blanket. Pack some sandwiches, fresh fruits and veggies and cold water or juice boxes. Not only will you enjoy a meal with family and friends, you'll get the added benefit of extra Vitamin D. The vitamin D we get from the sun is needed for maximum absorption of calcium from the intestine, which helps build strong bones and teeth. 

Pro Tip: Don't forget to collect refuse. Take nothing but pictures; leave nothing but footprints.

2. Enjoy a Pickup Game of Soccer or Ultimate Frisbee

We LOVE playgrounds. I bet you couldn't tell. :) But we also love playing games, too. If there's an open area or green space near you, grab a ball or a frisbee, and start a game with your family. 

Pro Tip: Ask passersby if they want to join. This is a great way to make friends.

3. Invite Your Friends and Neighbors to Join You.

Tell your neighbors about National Kids to Parks Day. Last year there were over 700,000 participants in events across the country. This year, the goal is to bring 900,000 people to parks on May 20. Let's build community and have fun!

Pro Tip: Share the event with your Facebook friends.

4. Hit the PlayTrail with PlayTrails Activity Guides!

Does a park or greenway near you have PlayTrails playground equipment? PlayTrails combines nature-themed playground equipment with trails and greenways to create a playful trail experience for children and families. PlayTrails is a great way to encourage families to reconnect with the outdoors, and with one another.

Pro Tip: Don't live near a PlayTrail? Encourage your local parks and recreation board to visit to learn about the benefits of trail-based play.

5. Don't Forget to Pack Water and Sunscreen.

Kids to Parks Day is just that - a DAY. We're not talking about an hour or two. Make it a day-long event, but remember to stay hydrated and sunburn-free!

Pro Tip: Watermelon is a fun (and delicious) way to encourage children to stay hydrated!