June 16, 2019

THRIVE is a Natural Fit for Tennessee Nature Park

A Natural Nudge Toward Better Health and Wellness

Enterprise South Nature Park is 2,800 wooded acres situated in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Tucked into a cove of white oaks and pines along a hiking trail is an outdoor fitness area designed by GameTime. It includes a THRIVE 450 composite fitness rig, two sets of battle ropes affixed to posts, GTfit hurdles, and a GTfit balance plank. Together they create a complete workout experience for adults and teenagers ages 13 and up.

THRIVE 450 in natural colors is right at home in its surroundings at Enterprise South Nature Park


With THRIVE multiple users can exercise at the same time


In only 450-square feet, THRIVE provides up to 10 users a high-quality full body workout at once. Each of the stations is designed to be adaptable. Beginners or casual users who want to exercise after a walk along the trail can realize additional health benefits while in nature. Sit-up benches, step-up platforms, and dip-stations offer a "next step" in the fitness journey for those who aren't ready for an intense workout regimen. It's what Marie Beha (University of Copenhagen) and Caroline Hansen (London School of Economics) describe in their recent study of "Green Fit" culture. Their findings describe people who are willing to be more active outdoors when given subtle nudges toward healthy behaviors. On the other end of the spectrum, more advanced athletes who frequent Enterprise South, such as trail runners or mountain bikers, appreciate higher levels of difficulty found in some of the THRIVE stations like the overhead and Swedish Ladder, varied press and chin-up stations. 


The fitness space also includes balance, agility, and endurance equipment


With THRIVE and GTfit, the outdoor fitness space at Enterprise South offers a wide range of exercise options for people of nearly every fitness level. Moreover, it addresses the physical attributes that make up a balanced approach to wellness. The equipment enhances muscle, aerobic and core strength, as well as balance and flexibility. The area is also designed with comfort and accessibility in mind. There are accessible routes of travel in and around the space. There are multiple benches and seating areas and water fountains for both people and pets. It's a great addition to a scenic park in the heart of the Scenic City.


If you want to bring THRIVE or other outdoor fitness products to your park or nature trail, learn more at gametime.com/fitness, or contact the GameTime outdoor fitness expert in your neighborhood. We would love to share ideas, learn about what's important to you and your community, and work together to nudge people toward a better quality of life for a lifetime.