June 06, 2019

GameTime Announces Outdoor Fitness Sale

Community Wellness Has Never Been More Affordable

GameTime is presenting its largest outdoor fitness equipment sale of the year from June 6 to August 15, 2019. The monumental sale features GameTime's lowest prices ever offered on all outdoor fitness products, including GTfit, THRIVE and Challenge Course. Leading the industry in both quality and flexibility, GameTime's outdoor fitness equipment is constructed of durable, weather-resistant materials and designed to accommodate users of all fitness levels and abilities. 

GTfit Outdoor Fitness Products from GameTime are a great option for group training


Communities who want to add functional fitness products in a park or along a walking trail will love the flexibility of selecting GTfit products such as a chest press, pull-up bars, recumbent cycles and dozens of affordable, effective options that provide a well-rounded fitness program for adults and users ages 13 and up. As more parks, universities and fitness centers look to the outdoors for group training to attract more users, and to maximize their valuable indoor space, GTfit is a great option. Save up to $7,000 on pre-configured GTfit packages and hundreds of dollars on individual products through August 15, 2019.

THRIVE 450 system only requires 450 square feet of space but supports up to 10 users at one time


THRIVE compact fitness systems accommodate up to 20 users at once in as little as 250-square feet. Ideal for outdoor areas where space is at a premium, THRIVE's multiple fitness stations in a single system provide variable and adaptive exercises for people of all fitness levels. Constructed of durable materials and designed to withstand even the most vigorous use, THRIVE is the perfect complement to an outdoor wellness center, park or recreation space. Save up to $7,000 on THRIVE fitness systems through August 15, 2019.

Challenge Course is a fun, social obstacle course experience for every generation


Challenge Course is the most popular permanent obstacle course product in North America. It offers fun, competitive and social physical activity for children, teens, and adults. It's also great for sports teams and athletic conditioning or training. If you want to bring people together, promote better health and wellness and have a great time doing it, Challenge Course is the perfect fit. Save up to $12,500 on a Challenge Course through August 15, 2019.

Learn more and save today on every GameTime outdoor fitness product by visiting www.gametime.com/summer-fitness-sale or contact the GameTime representative in your neighborhood at 800-235-2440.