January 12, 2021

See What’s New From GameTime for 2021

The social, physical, and cognitive benefits of play are well-documented. Play enhances personal growth and encourages social equity between all people. Play is personal.

Your play and recreation spaces should be as unique as the community you serve. Increase physical activity among children and adults. Encourage people of all abilities to experience play together. Design a signature custom destination that meets the needs of families today and for years to come. 

With the help of our network of play experts in neighborhoods around the globe, we work with you to create places that go beyond the ordinary. Together, we’ll create something extraordinary. Let's take a look at what's new for 2021 from GameTime.

Better Materials Make Better Playgrounds

One of the most important facets of GameTime design isn't new, but it is one of our patented technologies: DirectBolt. GameTime's DirectBolt® connections are the same type used in bridges and skyscrapers for maximum strength and dependability. Decks bolt directly into uprights for precise alignment. DirectBolt connections use up to 60% less hardware for faster installation and maintenance.

GameTime DirectBolt connections are simpler and stronger

Our DirectBolt connections are compliant with ASTM standards when our playground equipment leaves the factory. This makes our playgrounds easy to install and maintain. The combination of our stainless steel hardware and threaded inserts creates a strong, low-maintenance connection.

Quality From Start to Finish

Equally important to innovative design is proven quality. GameTime holds certifications for high-quality manufacturing, paint, and environmental stewardship. GameTime's network of certified installers is factory-trained by the people who design and manufacture the equipment.

Our playground experts live, work, and play in all 50 states and 26 countries. Wherever you are, we're local.®

More Inclusive Play Products for 2021

Play is an equal right. Make any playground more inclusive with research and products from GameTime. By combining our research-based inclusive play products with design best practices for creating inclusive playgrounds, your community can qualify to be a National Demonstration Site.

Among the many benefits of being a National Demonstration Site for Inclusive Play is a special scannable sign that collects usage data and creates outcomes reports. Learn more about becoming a National Demonstration Site for inclusive play at gametime.com/nds.

The Industry’s First Inclusive Net Climber

GT Wave® from GameTime is the first playground net climber with inclusive features. It includes a transfer platform and accessible route through the net to the slide. Other features of GT Wave:

  • Tethered pods and slackline enhance balance and flexibility
  • Multiple routes of travel in, over, and through the structure
  • Climbing and gathering areas for social play

GT Wave is constructed with our 20mm WeaveTech® cables. WeaveTech contains the industry's highest steel content for maximum strength and is coated with our ComfortGrip polymer that makes it soft to the touch.

VistaRope Playground Nets

In 2021, GameTime is releasing a complete collection of playground nets, including towers, domes, adventure courses, and more. VistaRope gives communities the opportunity to create fun, exciting, and innovative freestanding net play to any playground. Each VistaRope product is constructed with our WeaveTech ropes for maximum durability. Custom designs are available through our Landmark Design team.

More Obstacle Course Options

GameTime pioneered the modern outdoor obstacle course experience with Challenge Course. Customers loved the fun and excitement it created among people of all generations. Since its introduction, we've received hundreds of requests for more obstacle course options. In 2021, we are expanding our obstacle course offering!

The Stadium® - a Compact Obstacle Course Experience

The Stadium offers big obstacle course adventures in a compact design. The next big thing in obstacle courses just got smaller! We took everything we learned from inventing the outdoor obstacle course and condensed it into The Stadium, a compact course for children ages 5 to 12.

For customers who want an outdoor obstacle course experience but don’t have the budget or space for a large course, The Stadium is the answer. It includes ten obstacles in less than 1,200 square feet!

KidCourse® - Affordable Obstacle Course Experience

KidCourse is our most affordable option for creating outdoor obstacle courses. KidCourse® combines our fitness-focused playground equipment to create affordable activity courses for children ages 5 to 12. It's perfect for schools and makes the physical activity fun and exciting.

Challenge Course® - The Original Outdoor Obstacle Course from GameTime

Challenge Course is a warrior-style obstacle course with Youth (ages 5 to 12) and Pro (ages 13) options. Choose your obstacles, surfacing, timing system, and other accessories to complete your course. It's available in four pre-configured designs, or you can design your own course using more than a dozen different obstacles.

Musical Play

Music is an inherently inclusive activity. GameTime's musical instruments and play system panels make it easy for everyone to enjoy the fun. Choose from three collections of musical instruments:

  • GT Jams® - affordable musical play components
  • GT Music® - ground-level chimes and bells
  • GT Symphony® - precision musical instruments tuned to a pentatonic (5-note) scale

Human-Powered Electronic Play

More than 15-billion batteries are discarded each year. That’s an enormous amount of harmful waste in our landfills. Replacing batteries in electronic playground panels is an expensive and timely exercise for parks and schools. 

With lights and music powered by the motion of the activities, children are sure to play for longer periods of time. Add fun, interactive play activities to promote physical activity and engage the senses. The more you move, the more fun you'll have. No batteries are required.

Custom Play by Landmark Design

Customers who want to create a unique play and recreation space or connect their community’s heritage with a new playground will love working with Landmark Design®. Landmark is the custom design team within GameTime. This group of creative and imaginative designers and engineers can help bring your vision to life. 


TuffCrete® play sculptures are made from glass fiber reinforced concrete and hand-painted for a realistic play experience.


PolyShield® sculptures are lightweight and highly durable additions to any themed playground.

Tower Playgrounds

Children love the new perspective they gain on the world when climbing to the top of a GameTime tower playground. GameTime's Altus Towers® range offers maximum design flexibility. Start with our standard tower configuration and select the panels, roofs, slides, and climbers to personalize your play experience. 

Our Landmark Design® team can create any style of a tower for your themed play environment. From industrial to nautical, cosmic to terrestrial, our designers and engineers will make your tower dreams come true!

See What’s New for Yourself!

If you are interested in any of the new and exciting products from GameTime, you can take a closer look right now. Our 2021 catalog is available online and in print. View the digital catalog now, and request a printed copy for browsing later.

If you have any questions about these and other GameTime playground equipment products, contact the GameTime play expert in your neighborhood.