July 08, 2021

New Challenge Course Keeps Families Moving in Raleigh

No matter where you live in North Carolina, you’re in Panthers country. The Carolina Panthers® and Play60® continue to expand their commitment to youth fitness with outdoor obstacle courses from GameTime. The latest Play60 Challenge Course® is now open at Raleigh’s Barwell Park. 



Partners for Family Fitness

The new Challenge Course is part of a collaborative effort between the Panthers, Raleigh Parks, GameTime, and Cunningham Recreation. Cunningham Recreation is GameTime’s exclusive representative in the Carolinas. Cunningham and Raleigh Parks designed the ten-obstacle course in Panther blue. 

A generous donation from the Panthers organization funded the project. 

Challenge Course is a Multigenerational Play Destination

Children love playgrounds, but they often outgrow them when they reach their teenage years. According to the National Recreation and Parks Association (NRPA), communities embrace the concept of multigenerational recreation areas. The idea of creating a playground every generation could enjoy was the inspiration for Challenge Course

The outdoor obstacle course concept for parks was born out of an idea from Riley Fields of the Carolina Panthers. He envisioned a “playground for adults” and a recreation space that looked like “Ninja Warrior meets the NFL Combine.” GameTime created the first Play 60 Obstacle Course at Hornets Nest Park in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

The idea took the Carolinas and the entire country by storm. More than a dozen courses are now in North and South Carolina and dozens more are in parks and schools across North America.

Challenge Course at Barwell Park in Raleigh, North Carolina

Some of the many obstacles that make up the Challenge Course at Barwell Park - Photo courtesy of Carolina Parent

Creating a space everyone could enjoy was essential to the Raleigh Parks department. “We designed this course with Raleigh Parks to be fun for all ages,” said Josh Hammond, sales associate with Cunningham Recreation. “It’s exciting to work with a community that understands how important outdoor recreation is for entire families.”

Children and adults of all ages compete with one another on the timed course. “Challenge Course tests your speed, agility, balance, and coordination,” says Jon Walker, product manager for GameTime. “We see athletes and teams use the course for training and parents running with their children. It really is a place for all ages.”

More Fun and Friendly Competition

For the uber-competitive visitors, there is also a two-lane 40-yard dash. Runners line up at the starting area, start the timer, and race to the finish. A scoreboard displays individual times for both runners. 

It’s literally a bragging rights scoreboard, and people love it. Children race their parents; friends race each other, and people who have never met line up for a chance to beat their best time. 

Ready to Accept the Challenge?

The new Challenge Course at Barwell Park is a lasting tribute to the community’s commitment to health and wellness. It represents Raleigh’s dedication to creating places for multigenerational play and recreation. Thanks to the generosity of the Carolina Panthers, it’s a fun and active site that brings people together.  

Do you want to join communities like Raleigh, North Carolina, and bring fun and friendly competition to your park or playground? We should talk! GameTime obstacle course experts live, work, and play in neighborhoods across the U.S. and worldwide. Contact your local GameTime representative today.