Hornets Nest Park

A social fitness destination for all generations and fitness levels

Charlotte, NC



Develoepd in partnership with the Carolina Panthers, this Challenge Course at Hornets Nest Park features custom challenges, as well as our traditional course components. As part of the Panthers Play60 community outreach, the course is a welcome addition to Charlotte's mission to create fun, physical activity for children and families. The course features 11 obstacles, a 40-yard dash and precision timing systems for both the course and the dash. Located adjacent to a traditional playground and an outdoor fitness area, this is a community destination that attracts people of all fitness levels and from all walks of life.


  • Develop a fitness and play area that combined the challenges of American Ninja Warrior with the skill development of the NFL Combine
  • Provide a fun experience for children and families throughout the Charlotte area
  • Offer a wide range of challenge and obstacles for people of all fitness levels
  • Create a unique recreation destination for Charlotte Mecklenburg County