February 08, 2017

Make the Most of a Small Space with Freestanding Play

Make Any Space a Play Space

One of the primary considerations when designing a play and recreation area is how to maximize the amount of space you have available for playground equipment. In urban and densely populated areas, undeveloped space is at a premium, and it can be difficult to find enough room to build a large play structure. That's one of the reasons pocket parks have become so popular in recent years. They can address the diverse needs of a community with fewer real estate requirements and lower costs. 

In the seaside town of Avalon, California, there is very little space to build new playgrounds. The city looked for ways to add freestanding play activities like climbers and musical instruments in a small section of historic City Park. Instead of a traditional play system, they installed a GameTime OmniTriNet, a challenging multi-sided net climber that allows children to climb in, up and around the structure in a number of different ways. They also added GT Jams instruments. These durable and accessible drums encourage social and creative play and are a great addition to small spaces.

The OmniTriNet is the centerpiece of the play area. It draws people in and provides plenty of space for children to interact with one another as they climb and explore. The musical instruments are installed around the perimeter of the park and near the retaining wall. They are a great social and multigenerational play activity as children, parents and grandparents play together. By combining individual freestanding play activities, the City of Avalon is helping children and families stay more active together, and maximizing their available recreation space.

If you're interested in making the most of the space you have, take a look at GameTime's Freestanding Play Activities and Musical Play Options.