October 30, 2020

GameTime Upgrades Playground Nets with VistaRope®

GameTime is excited to announce an upgrade to our playground net offering. VistaRope® is a comprehensive collection of playground nets and rope-based play systems for school playgrounds, parks, and landscape architects. With VistaRope playground nets, play space designers have more flexibility to create the perfect play space. 

Playground Nets With WeaveTech®

GameTime's VistaRope playground nets use WeaveTech cabling systems. These super-durable ropes contain the industry's highest steel content and are coated with our ComfortGrip® synthetic polymer. ComfortGrip is more durable than nylon and softer to the touch.

VistaRope nets are an industry-leading 20mm in diameter and up to four times stronger than other playground net products. 

Towers and Stars

The first phase of our VistaRope release includes VistaSky Towers, VistaJunior Towers, and VistaStar Climbers. VistaSky nets are available in heights of up to 35-feet and provide play capacity for up to 100 children at one time. They're a massive and exciting addition to any playground design.

VistaJunior Towers provide the same climbing experience as our VistaSky Towers but at lower heights. They're perfect for younger children and users who are still developig their climbing skills. 

VistaStar climbers are multi-sided climbers that give kids a chance to climb up, around, through, over, and under as they explore the play structure. 

Start Designing Your Net Playground Today

All of our VistaRope climbing nets are available in a wide range of colors and sizes to complement any environment and fit any budget. To start planning your new rope-based playground, contact the GameTime play expert in your neighborhood.