October 27, 2020

GameTime Brings Custom Play and Outdoor Fitness to Southern Utah

Amidst the red cliffs of Southern Utah within the Cottonwood Canyon is the new custom playground at Canyon Park. The playground was designed by Great Western Recreation, GameTime's exclusive representative in Utah. It is the the first such playground in Washington, Utah, and the only playground of its kind anywhere in the United States.

Canyon Park is a terraced design with an outdoor obstacle course at the high end of the park, with hillside slides leading to rocks and rope climbers at the low end.


Outdoor Fitness For Every Generation

GameTime, Great Western, and city architects designed the play area to incorporate the natural landscape and topography. At the high end of the park is an outdoor obstacle course. The Challenge Course is a source of fun and friendly competition with friends and family. It includes a precision timing system and a 40-yard dash. 

Challenge Course by GameTime outdoor obstacle course at Canyon Park

Multi-Level Hillside Slides and Rope Climbers

Below the Challenge Course, our designers utilized the hilly terrain to create a multi-level hillside slide experience. Each of the four tube slides measure more than 16-feet in length and propel users down the ridge. Poured-in-place rubber surfacing covers the entire hillside and custom rope climbers help children make the trip back to the top.

Massive tube slides carry users down the terraced hillside. Custom rope and net climbers make the trip back up the hill fun, too.


Utilizing the Natural Environment

At the bottom of the playground are natural boulders. These massive rocks weigh thousands of pounds are fun to climb on. We made them even more fun by adding our VistaRope® cables and nets to create a unique climbing experience. Surrounding the climbers are benches and shades so people have a place to rest and relax before heading back up the hill. 

Using the existing natural boulders, we created a fun, challenging climbing experience at the base of the park.


Create a One-of-a-Kind Landmark Design

GameTime's custom play division can help you create a playground or recreation area that fits any space or budget. Whether you want to integrate play and fitness into the natural landscape or create a play adventure that inspires imaginations, we can help. Contact one of our custom play experts today, and let's start designing a play landmark in your community.