January 31, 2013

GameTime Offers a BluePrint for Play

GameTime continues its heritage of combining play and research with Blueprint for Play. Blueprint for Play is an educational toolkit produced by our parent company, PlayCore, that is intended to inspire communities to maximize the process of creating play and recreation projects and to create a pivotal opportunity to bring stakeholders together for a community-based initiative.

The toolkit is a comprehensive resource and includes five guidebooks that address the specific needs and objectives associated with a new playground or recreation area:

  • Plan it: tools to help you break the process into steps and address the components required in each to move forward
  • Fund it: insights and resources to help inspire the community and raise the funds you need
  • Design it: key points to explore in playground design to help accomplish your goals
  • Build it: steps needed to ensure your playground build happens on time and on budget
  • Sustain it: information on playground maintenance and supervision

Backed by nearly a century of playground design, development and research, Blueprint for Play is designed to put the power that drives the decision process in your hands, and guides you in engaging both volunteer and professional resources to ultimately create a unique play and recreation space that meets your defined outcomes and inspires your community.

To learn more about this exciting new program, and to request a copy of the toolkit for yourself, visit gametime.com/blueprintforplay or call 800-235-2440.

About GameTime: GameTime has been a pioneer in commercial playground equipment since 1929 with a commitment to enriching childhood through play. GameTime combines the vast wealth of research and intellectual resources of our parent company PlayCore with an unmatched distribution network to lead the industry with innovative products, programs and play environments that inspire a child's imagination and promote health and wellness for future generations.