January 28, 2013

GameTime Debuts New Outdoor Fitness Products in Tennessee Park

GameTime, a leading manufacturer of commercial playground and outdoor fitness equipment, recently expanded its line of iTrack outdoor fitness products. The new equipment is inspired by elite, cross-training workouts and is designed to provide users 18 years and older with a unique outdoor fitness experience.

The newest iTrack fitness stations made their debut in the Main Terrain Art Park in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Funded in part by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts and Chattanooga-based Lyndhurst Foundation, this pocket park features a public art installation designed by Thomas Sayre. Sayre envisioned the park as a link between the South and North neighborhoods of Chattanooga and drew inspiration from the city's iconic Walnut Street Bridge. He constructed three concrete pylons, each topped with a moveable steel truss. By turning a wheel at the base of the pylons, visitors can spin each truss to create an interactive bridge sculpture in the heart of the park.

The City of Chattanooga was committed to creating a unique visual experience in the park, as well as an opportunity to enhance the health and wellness of its citizens. To create a fitness component that would blend with the artistic and architectural aesthetics of Main Terrain, project leaders turned to GameTime.

"We were excited to be a part of a project that combined art with fitness," said Tom Norquist, Senior Vice President at GameTime. "GameTime has an extensive history of integrating our play and fitness products into the vision of artists, designers and landscape architects." 

A total of five new iTrack fitness stations were installed in the urban park along a 1/4 mile loop track, including Trapeze Rings, Fitness Rack, Fitness Pommels, Parallel Bars and Climbing Walls. Members of a local crossfit gym, as well as local firefighters were on hand at the grand opening to demonstrate how to use the new iTrack products.

"With iTrack, the City of Chattanooga was able to create the perfect combination of fitness components to fit the space," said Jon Walker, Product Manager in charge of iTrack. "The real power of iTrack is its flexibility to provide a workout for adults of all fitness levels. Communities can create a fitness trail like the one in Chattanooga, or you can install iTrack adjacent to a playground to add fitness opportunities for adults. You can even create a stand-alone fitness park that is essentially a playground for grownups.”

Working together, community stakeholders have turned a vacant lot into a dynamic and beautiful link between two sections of the city. With the addition of these new iTrack fitness stations, it is also a link to better health for its citizens.


About GameTime: GameTime has been a pioneer in commercial playground equipment since 1929 with a commitment to enriching childhood through play. GameTime combines the vast wealth of research and intellectual resources of our parent company PlayCore with an unmatched distribution network to lead the industry with innovative products, programs and play environments that inspire a child's imagination and promote health and wellness for future generations.