October 25, 2014

GameTime Introduces IONiX ­ the Art and Science of Play

GameTime, a leading manufacturer of commercial playground and outdoor fitness equipment, recently introduced IONiX ­ a new commercial playground product line that features bold, modern styling and play features exclusive to GameTime.

To create a new category of commercial play, GameTime designers and engineers leveraged nearly a century of play research, observed natural phenomena and consulted with thought leaders in the field of play science. The result is a modern work of art that enhances the beauty of any community. The sweeping lines and organic shapes blend with the environment and create an elegant centerpiece within a park. It’s also a visual representation of the science of life. Just as nature is a continual cycle, so is play; IONiX play sculptures help promote looping play patterns that encourage physical activity, improve decision ­making skills and enhance cognitive and social development.

The hallmark of the IONiX design is the Helix Tower with ShadowPlay® panels. This statuesque climbing activity features rungs that roll and curve to create multiple routes of travel as children climb up, down, in and around the structure. Nearly 21­ feet above the ground, the translucent ShadowPlay panels capture the sunlight and cast vivid, colorful shadows below, transforming an ordinary play surface into an extraordinary play activity that promotes sensory integration.

The first IONiX play sculpture is installed at Freedom Park in Charlotte, North Carolina. GameTime and Cunningham Recreation, GameTime’s exclusive representative in North Carolina, designed an IONiX play sculpture that integrates the modern art style with an accessible PowerScape play system. The result is a visually ­stunning playscape that provides play opportunities for children of all abilities.

To learn more about IONiX, and to see how your community can create a public art installation that promotes active, outdoor play, visit www.gametime.com/ionix.

About GameTime: GameTime, a PlayCore company, has been a pioneer in the commercial playground and outdoor fitness industry since 1929 with a commitment to enriching childhood and communities through play. GameTime combines the vast wealth of research and intellectual resources of our parent company PlayCore with an unmatched distribution network to lead the industry with innovative products, programs and play environments that inspire imaginations and promote health and wellness for future generations.