November 20, 2020

GameTime Expands VistaRope® Playground Nets

GameTime's VistaRope playground nets are durable, innovative, and creative ways to expand your play area and add play value to any playground. Constructed with our WeaveTech® cabling system, they're up to four times stronger than competing playground nets. We're excited to announce two more collections to the VistaRope family that are perfect for landscape architects, school playgrounds, and public parks.

Ropes Course Adventures

Create ropes course adventures in your park or on the playground with our VistaAdventure series. Designed to mimic the activities found in treetop ropes courses, VistaAdventure playground nets bring the same excitement and skill-building experiences to the playground. Choose from seven different configurations, or work with our Landmark Design team to create a custom course for your park or playground. 

Climb and Spin

With our new VistaTree Top climbers, children can climb and spin at the same time! There are five different models to choose from, include multi-level options. These high-capacity, super-durable, and ultra-fun playground nets will help you expand your play area and create memorable experiences for years to come. 

Playground Net Designs For Any Space

If you're ready to design an exciting play space filled with playground net climbers, contact the GameTime play expert in your area. We can help you select the right combination of playground nets and rope-based play experiences to create a one-of-a-kind play adventure.