November 22, 2020

BlueCross Healthy Place in Chattanooga is for Students and Families

Part of the BlueCross Healthy Place mission is to create spaces that bring people together for play, fitness, and better overall health and wellness. The new BlueCross Healthy Place at Highland Park in Chattanooga, Tennessee will transform a vacant lot into a vibrant community park. Flanked by two charter schools and a dynamic neighborhood, this will be a jewel in the middle of downtown Chattanooga. 

The master plan for BlueCross Healthy Place at Highland Park transforms a vacant lot into a multi-faceted play and recreatio space for all generations. 


More Than a School Playground

When we think about play, we often immediately think back to our adolescence and time spent in the schoolyard. Considering schools are where most of our early memories of play are created, it’s important to provide vibrant playful spaces where students can connect and grow. For this reason, the BlueCross Healthy Place at Highland Park is being completed in partnership with two local charter schools, Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy and Chattanooga Prep. 

Outdoor fitness areas like this GameTime Challenge Course outdoor obstacle course is designed for children and adults to enjoy fun, friendly competition.

Along with the custom inclusive playground, the space will feature a variety of features suitable for students, as well as visitors of all ages and interests. There is a a multi-purpose field with bleachers, a walking track with outdoor fitness stations, an outdoor obstacle course with a timed 40-yard dash, and basketball and tennis courts.

A Healthy Place for Play

Although the main goal of this project was to create a space for students, organizers also wanted the park to be available for the residents of the entire Highland Park community, a growing, diverse neighborhood in Chattanooga. By allowing both members of the community and students to utilize the park, they hope the park would unite the neighborhood and the schools within it. 

Throughout the park will be outdoor fitness equipment from GameTime to encourage adults to exercise regularly.


In order for a playground to unify a neighborhood, that playground must be inclusive for everyone in the area regardless of race, ability, or socioeconomic status. Similar to other BlueCross Healthy Places, the Highland Park project is accessible for visitors of all abilities and was designed using the research from Me2®: 7 Principles of Inclusive Play® from Utah State University Center for Persons with Disabilities. 

A Statewide Commitment to Better Health

BlueCross Healthy Places demonstrate a commitment to give back to the people and communities. The BlueCross BlueShield Health Foundation provides these spaces to improve connections between members of the community and encourage healthy activity. GameTime is honored to partner with an organization who is fully committed to the health and wellness of people of all ages and abilities. 

To learn more about this initiative, or to bring healthy play and recreation to your community, contact the GameTime representative in your neighborhood.