March 31, 2019

Dr. Stuart Brown on the Science of Expression Swing

More Than Just a Swing

Expression Swing is the world’s favorite playground swing. It is the first and patented face-to-face, eye-to-eye swing that promotes multigenerational play and supports attunement (emotional bonding) between a child and an adult. The science behind Expression Swing is as old as the human race. Dr.Stuart Brown is an expert in play science and on the development of human potential through play. In this article and video, Stuart Brown shares the science that makes Expression Swing more than just a playground swing. 

Social Science of Swinging Play

When a parent makes eye contact with a young infant, whose capable of a social smile, when their eyes meet both erupt in a spontaneous, gleeful exchange of joyfulness. I call this early attunement or play attunement. 

We never, even as adults, lose the joy of movement, and along with the attunement that is fostered by good eye contact, if these two can be joined...what a wonder! If we offer face-to-face fun-infused, attunement-producing components to play through swinging this offers a new positive dimension to the swinging experiences. 

Social play, particularly mixed-age play, is part of our human heritage. By having a face-to-face swing this allows stimulation of deeply embedded in us from our ancient past as hunter-gathers. We are still biologically designed to play together in all ages, as well as biologically designed throughout life for movement and play. Three-dimensional movement fosters things that are really important such as emotional competency and future learning. 


Nothing lights up the brain like play.


Dr. Stuart Brown, MD