Affordable Playgrounds

Create a Lot of Play, For a Lot Less

GameTime makes it easy to design a kids playground that is fun, developmentally- appropriate, and affordable. Playground equipment from GameTime is durable and backed by one of the industry’s leading warranties, so you can be confident that your investment will last.

We have decades of experience helping customers create a kids playground that fits specific budget and space constraints. We offer one of the largest selections of play components (slides, swings, climbers and ladders, and more) so you can find the right mix of play activities at a budget you can afford.

A PrimeTime play system is the perfect kids playground for customers on a budget.

Choose PrimeTime Play Systems

PrimeTime offers all the features that make GameTime play systems the preferred choice: DirectBolt® connections, durable steel and plastic construction, extensive collection of play components that provide a wide range of cognitive and developmental benefits for children of all ages. PrimeTime utilizes a 36” deck that reduces the overall footprint of system designs, resulting in less surfacing required for your play area and a lower overall cost.

Keep your kids playground compliant by adding approved but affordable safety surfacing like Engineered Wood Fiber.

Select Lower Cost Surfacing

Engineered wood fiber (EWF) is a popular choice for projects with initial budget constraints. EWF provides superior fall attenuation at the lowest installation cost and offers an attractive, natural look.

Consider Freestanding Play

Instead of a play system, consider using freestanding play throughout your play area to create fun, interactive activities that encourage imaginative and dramatic play, physical activity or social/cooperative interaction. Freestanding play activities may also be added adjacent to an existing structure to add additional play value to your kids playground.