The Stadium

The Next Big Thing in Obstacle Courses Just Got Smaller

The Stadium offers a complete obstacle course experience in a compact design. It features 10 unique challenges in less than 1,200 square feet. Designed for ASTM compliance with playground equipment for ages 5 to 12, it's the perfect way to keep older children active and having fun!

Perfect for All Skill Levels

Each element of The Stadium was thoughtfully designed to appeal to children of every fitness and skill level. It features multiple routes of travel for children to create their own path, and a different path every time they play!

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Go Big By Going Small

Space-Saving Design

The Stadium takes everything we learned from inventing the outdoor obstacle course and condenses it into a compact design that fits almost anywhere. It features 10 obstacles in less than 1,200 square feet!

All Skill and Fitness Levels

Children have different play styles and fitness levels, and The Stadium celebrates them all. Each of the 10 obstacles is adaptable and offers beginner, intermediate, and advanced usage. As a child grows, The Stadium grows with them.

Choose Your Own Path

The Stadium is designed to allow children to enter and exit wherever they like. Our instructional sign has suggested routes of travel to create three styles of an obstacle course, or users can create their own way in, through, over, under, and around.

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The Stadium

A compact outdoor obstacle course and climbing system designed for ages 5 to 12. The Stadium is compliant with ASTM standards for playground equipment and is the perfect way to make fitness fun.

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The Stadium (With Integrated Shade)

Make your stadium experience cooler and more comfortable with our integrated shade. You'll get the same compact design with 10 obstacles in less than 1,200 square feet and an exciting way to make fitness fun!

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Instructional Signage

Add an optional sign with usage instructions for each of the 10 obstacles. Our large 36" instructional sign is made from heavy-duty weather-resistant materials and includes a QR code users can scan to see suggested courses and more information.

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