The Stadium Course Examples

Pick Your Path

The Stadium allows you to decide how to play. You can tackle each obstacle individually or create your own path as you climb up, over, and through a course. The Stadium adapts to your fitness level and preferences.

To help you get started, we’ve created three sample course paths: Green (Easy), Blue (Intermediate), and Black (Advanced). Explore The Stadium, make up your own courses, and have fun!

Green Course

This is the easiest path and a great way to become familiar with Stadium and its obstacles. Take a break in the Center Hub when you finish. 


Blue Course

An intermediate level path will challenge you and help develop fitness skills like grip, upper body, and core strength. Finish strong as you cross the Up, Over, and Around!


Black Course

A more difficult path for experienced users, this course will challenge you in many ways. Use the red handholds on the Ledge Climber at the end for a strong finish!

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