School Playground Equipment

Play Has No Grade Limit

Active Students Learn Better.

Research is clear. Physical activity improves academic performance and classroom behavior. Schools have a unique opportunity to create healthier, happier environments for the diverse needs of students. 

We believe in school playgrounds and we help schools design opportunities that address the needs of the whole child, the whole campus and the whole community.

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Theresa Boehm Miller Curriculum Development Chair, Springfield Public Schools, Springfield, MO The Play On! Program is an exciting opportunity to extend our physical education classroom to the outdoors. Through creative learning, the Play On! curriculum arouses the student’s sense of curiosity, imagination and adventure to achieve a healthy, active lifestyle.
Dr. Melissa Hughes Play enhances the flow of neurotransmitters in the brain and improves a child's capacity to learn.
Dr. Michael Suk Dr. Michael Suk Active play in outdoor environments is the gateway to a healthier lifestyle.
Dr. Louis Bowers Due to its natural and voluntary nature, play is the most effective strategy for increasing physical activity in children.

When Students Are More Active At School

20% More Likely to Earn a Higher Grade

According to the research found in PlayOn!, students who are more active during the day are 20% more likely to earn an A in math or English. What better way to prepare children for life than to increase their math AND English skills? 

6% Increase in Standardized Test Scores

Increased physical activity throughout the school day and throughout your campus helps increase standardized test scores by 6% over 3 years. That's a huge difference.

Just One Physically Active Lesson Makes a Massive Difference

Just one physically active lesson each week creates a 13% increase in students' physical activity and decreases 21% of teachers' time managing behavior. Instead of calling down students for 12 minutes you can drop knowledge for the entire hour-long class!

Active Schools Partner

Play is critical to children’s physical, intellectual, social, and emotional development. That is why we partner with Active Schools - the national initiative dedicated to ensuring 60 minutes of physical activity a day is the norm in K-12 schools. The Active Schools national collaborative makes it easier for schools to create an Active School environment by streamlining physical education and physical activity resources, programs, grants and professional development.

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Play Systems

We've designed 15 new play systems using the guidelines found in PlayOn! to ensure they provide all six essential play elements. These play systems are affordable, will keep students physically active during recess and qualify for National Demonstration Site designation.

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Freestanding Play

Expand your existing play area or add missing PlayOn! play elements with freestanding play activities. GameTime offers fun, affordable and inclusive ways to make your school playground an exciting place for students to stay active.

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Campus-Wide Activity

Challenge Course, Fitness Stations, Seats, Shade and other Site Amenities round out the perfect active school campus. GameTime can help you find everything you need to keep students active, happy and successful.

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