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Play That Makes the Grade
We believe in school playgrounds. They are often the first place children begin to develop social skills, and they are the backdrop for fictional and imaginative play. The playground is also where children learn valuable lessons about trust, teamwork, patience and following rules. Moreover, well-designed school playground equipment allows teachers to extend their classroom and physical education activities outdoors for a new perspective and a creative approach to learning.
We design playground equipment for schools that will help kids learn and grow.

The perfect school playground equipment is easy to find at GameTime thanks to our innovative products & local service.

Innovative Products & Local Service

Products you won't find anywhere else, help and support that's always nearby

From play systems designed for exploration and discovery, to exciting obstacle courses that keep your students moving day after day, GameTime offers fun and exclusive fitness-based school playground equipment. We also have a network of play specialists who have an average tenure of 25 years who live, work and play in your neighborhood who will help you design the perfect solution for your school. 

GameTime offers more than just school playground equipment -- we also help you expand kids' day to day activities.

Design & Activity Programs

Standards-based curriculum and design guides

Only GameTime offers curriculum and guidebooks that align with national standards and help you get the most out of your playground. Developed in partnership with leading play researchers and scientists, these programs focus on inclusion, nature, or maximizing physical activity. In addition, our designers are highly skilled at creating play spaces that keep children engaged, active and coming back for more!

Save money on playground equipment for schools by looking into funding.

Funding & Purchasing Assistance

The school playground of your dreams is closer than you think

We make planning and purchasing your new playground easy with resources to help you find funding for your project, as well as purchasing contracts that guarantee the best price without the hassle of a lengthy bid process.

Play On! Play Systems

Make physical fitness fun on the school playground.

Designed to align with the 125 standards-based playground activities found in the PlayOn! Activity Guide, these play systems will keep students moving!

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Inclusive Play Systems

Make play possible for all students with inclusive playground equipment for schools.

Utilize our Me2/2Play Together Design Guide and Education Curriculum to create an inclusive play space and foster friendships among children of all abilities.

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Challenge Course Youth

See beyond the obstacles to the opportunity!

Fitness-based play provides students with habits for a healthy lifestyle, and studies show it can lead to improved academic performance as well.

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