Playground Towers

You Can See the World From Here

Playground towers give children a fresh and exciting perspective of the world around them! GameTime tower playgrounds feature fully enclosed structures with platforms up to 12-feet tall and roof heights of up to 22-feet. 

Playground Tower Options from GameTime

Create a unique look and style for your park or playground with tower playground options from GameTime. From nautical to woodland, rustic to futuristic, we can create the perfect tower for your playground.

Playground Towers With Design Flexibility

Choose from ready-made Altus tower configurations of 9, 10, or 12 feet tall. Our Altus tower components provide design flexibility to change the look and style of your tower playground structure. You can attach climbers like the Overlook or different styles of playground slides at varying heights. You can also choose from multiple activity panels to round out your Tower design.

Get Creative With Custom Playground Towers

Looking for something totally different? Our Landmark Design team can help you design a custom playground tower that matches a specific style or theme. Create a rocket ship, skyscraper, redwood tree, or anything you can imagine!

Emily T. - Parent and Inclusion Advocate This is the first time I've been able to explore a tower playground with my children. I love the accessible features of this playground!
Scott C. - age 7 I love the new tower playground! It's fun to climb up really high and see the whole park.
Mark Bryant, Parks Manager Being able to design a custom tower to match the theme of our playground was a game-changer! The tower playground from GameTime is the centerpiece of our park!
Build the Perfect Tower Playground

Three Tower Heights

Choose from 9-foot, 10-foot, and 12-foot tower bases to create the perfect playground tower. Each can be styled with panels, roofs, and play components or customized with unique features from our custom design team.

More Ways to Play

Select the play components that fit your budget and community needs. We offer a wide range of climbers, slides, and interactive components to keep children active and engaged.

Aligns with Modern Standards

Our tower platforms are fully enclosed with barriers or panels and meet ASTM standards for playground equipment. We match your tower playground with safety surfacing engineered for its specific height for a complete solution.

Preconfigured Tower Playgrounds

Make the buying process fast and easy by choosing one of our preconfigured playground towers. 

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Personalize Your Playground Tower

Use our Altus Tower components to give your playground tower a unique style and more play value.

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Create a Custom Playground Tower

Request a free design consultation with our Landmark Design team to create a custom playground tower experience for your community.

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