Tower Playgrounds

Take Play to New Heights

Play among the clouds


Concepts and Installations

Towers have been part of the human experience since the 4th century BC. People are fascinated by them. The height and scale affirm the daring and explorative side of human nature. Bringing towers to the playground allows children to see the world from a different perspective, explore their sense of adventure, and experience play experience at multiple levels. 

GameTime designs tower playgrounds in a wide range of styles and in accordance with ASTM standards for playground equipment and relevant surfacing. Here is a collection of actual installations and rendered concepts to demonstrate how communities bring the excitement of towers to play spaces. Request a quote from one of our playground tower experts and take play to the next level.


Exciting and Compliant
  • Tower designs scale up to 21 feet (12-16 feet playable areas)
  • Elevated areas are fully enclosed
  • Custom designs such as rockets, houses, trees, and more
  • DirectBolt® connections ensure all play systems are ASTM compliant from the factory
  • Playground surfacing options engineered for fall attenuation