August 28, 2020

Where Should I Install Outdoor Hand Sanitizer on My Playground?

A recent survey of parks and recreation directors revealed nearly 60% of playgrounds are open across the country. CDC guidelines recommend hand sanitizer at playgrounds when soap and water are not available. Suppose you are considering outdoor hand sanitizer stations for your playground. In that case, this article will describe the available options and suggest how to install a playground hand sanitizer to be most effective.

What Kind of Playground Hand Sanitizer Stations Are Available?

Depending on your budget, preferred style of hand sanitizer dispenser, and your available space for installation, there are many choices for playground hand sanitizer. You can choose affordable pump style stations that mount to a wall. These use an existing structure like the wall of a recreation center or a restroom for installation. 

Pump Style Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

Pump style hand sanitizers use a typical pump bottle to dispense hand sanitizer liquid. These are the most common types of dispensers. GameTime's playground hand sanitizer stations can hold up to a 33 oz bottle of hand sanitizer. The station also includes a lock, so the hand sanitizer stays on the playground where it belongs. 

Manual or Automatic Playground Hand Sanitizer Stations

Suppose you use a manual lever or automatic touchless hand sanitizer dispenser. In that case, GameTime offers outdoor hand sanitizer stations for these models, too. These are great options for playgrounds designed for younger children or accessibility and inclusion.

Do I Buy Hand Sanitizer with the Sanitizer Station or Provide My Own?

GameTime recently released a line of hand sanitizers that give you a choice. If you have a hand sanitizer dispenser you are used to buying, you can use it with our outdoor hand sanitizer stations. They include an adjustable shelf that works with any size dispenser up to 33 oz or 1440 ml. You may want the convenience of having the dispenser included with your outdoor hand sanitizer station. We have combo options that ship with dispensers filled with sanitizer liquid made with 70% ethyl alcohol.

Where Should I Install Playground Hand Sanitizer?

A good rule of thumb is to install an outdoor hand sanitizer at the entrance and exit of each playground. This makes sure visitors have an opportunity to clean their hands before and after they play. If you have a particularly large playground, consider adding playground hand sanitizer throughout the space.

install outdoor hand sanitizer near school playground equipment to help students keep hands clean during recess.

Some areas you might consider for playground hand sanitizer include swing sets, sports and athletic fields, ziplines, and other freestanding playground equipment. Other areas include preschool play areas and playhouses, or near seating and picnic areas.

Playground Hand Sanitizer is an Essential Service

When you offer hand sanitizer to your park or playground visitors, you are providing an essential service. Hand sanitizer made with 70% ethyl alcohol is proven to kill most germs and viruses upon contact. When soap and water aren't available, playground hand sanitizer stations are the next best option.

If you are ready to add outdoor hand sanitizers to your playground, contact the GameTime play expert in your neighborhood. We can help you select the right model and number of playground hand sanitizers for your