October 03, 2019

Three Ways Worship Centers Enhance Communities with Play and Recreation

Faith and Family

Faith-based organizations and worship centers play an important role in the life and overall development of a child. By adding a playground or fitness area, you can further enrich the lives of families and become a resource to the neighborhood around you. Here are three ways your church or faith center can improve the quality of life for the people in your community:

1. Create a Playground that Connects People

Playgrounds provide a valuable resource to a community. In many communities, the only playground and recreation area is at the neighborhood church or faith center. Providing outdoor play opportunities is a valuable service that helps to enrich the lives of children and families. It also brings people of all backgrounds together into a central location where people share important moments, learn from one another and provide support to friends and neighbors...all while children are being active outdoors.

2. Offer Preschool and Daycare Play Options

Whether your worship center already offers a mother's day out, daycare or full-service childcare service, it's essential to create a space where preschool-aged children can play and be active. GameTime's playground equipment is designed to meet the needs of daycare and preschool-age children and to meet the national standards for preschool and early learning facilities. Make sure your play area is compliant with national safety standards and offers a wide range of play activities that enhance the social and physical development of children.

3. Help Adults Achieve Better Health

Many places of worship provide outdoor walking trails and fitness areas for community use. Consider the needs of the adults in your congregation and the surrounding neighborhoods to plan a fitness area that suits the needs of your entire community. Perhaps a multipurpose activity field is important for team sports or pick-up games. Maybe the adults would like to exercise on gym-style equipment while their children play on an adjacent playground. The idea is to create a place that draws people to your facility on non-worship days to encourage a sense of community. 


Creating an outdoor recreation space at your place of worship is a big decision, but it doesn't have to be a challenging one. GameTime works with organizations like yours all around the world to help select the right products to meet your space and budget requirements, and to meet the needs of everyone in your congregation and throughout the community. Contact the GameTime representative in your neighborhood to start planning a space that meets the needs of children and families for years to come.