May 28, 2021

The Power of Intergenerational Play

Dr. Stuart Brown is one of the leading authorities on play and how it shapes the brain. He offers a unique perspective and scientific approach to understanding the benefits of play, Dr. Stuart Brown has dedicated his life to studying and advocating the importance of participating in play throughout life. So when he speaks or writes about the importance of play, we stop and listen!


Writing for PlayCore's blog (which is filled with scholarly articles and insights on play), Dr. Brown expounds on the need for lifelong play, the value of early mixed aged play, and yes, play beyond childhood as we grow older. In fact, his latest article addresses the unique benefits that come from adults and children engaging in playful behavior together. 

You can read all of Dr. Brown's articles on the PlayCore blog or request a copy of The Science of Play: A Treatise of Articles by Dr. Stuart Brown.