August 16, 2021

The Outdoor Fitness White Paper Every Campus Recreation Department Should Read

GameTime is committed to helping communities provide practical and innovative outdoor fitness solutions. We recognize the research suggesting that 60% of American adults are overweight or obese, and only 30% participate in regular physical activity. 

In response to statistics like these, GameTime began researching and developing solutions to help adults add more physical activity to their daily lives. One of those solutions is outdoor fitness parks and outdoor workout equipment. This approach is especially beneficial at colleges as campus recreation departments are experts at programming outdoor spaces.  

Read on and learn about the essential need for outdoor fitness areas, how they break down barriers to better health, and why your campus or community should consider creating outdoor space for people to exercise. Interested in the outdoor fitness white paper? Download it now!

The Outdoor Fitness Research is Clear

A market intelligence report by Leisure-Net Solutions shows 44% of young adults prefer to exercise outdoors ​compared to 38% who prefer indoor exercise areas. The groups showing the strongest preference for being outdoors were college students and older adults seeking more physical activity. The National Recreation and Parks Association found similar results in their survey of adults who exercise. 

Outdoor fitness areas provided by community parks remove a financial barrier to regular exercise​. Free to access and often installed in underserved neighborhoods, they are an essential part of a regular exercise regimen for many Americans.

A History of Outdoor Fitness Innovation

GameTime helped to pioneer the outdoor fitness movement in U.S. parks during the 1990s​ with Parcourse© fitness stations. Those early fitness products provided a way for most adults to perform basic bodyweight exercises outdoors. Today, GameTime’s complete portfolio of outdoor fitness products includes obstacle courses, youth fitness, compact outdoor gyms, and much more. 

From community parks to college campuses, GameTime offers everything you need to help adults be more active and healthy. 

Benefits of Taking Your Workouts Outdoors

People who exercise outdoors do so more frequently and for more extended periods. Here are some of the many benefits provided by outdoor fitness parks:

  • Free to users, providing fitness options in underserved communities
  • A social outlet that builds community capital
  • It can be enjoyed by people of all abilities and fitness levels
  • Provide exposure to fresh air, nature, and sunlight, which increases levels of vitamin D
  • Offer park and recreation departments opportunities for revenue generation through program agreements with certified personal trainers
  • Act as a catalyst to encourage non-exercising adults to be more active
  • Increase interest in related community services, such as nutrition education and health screenings
  • When located within sightlines of a playground, it promotes active behavior in adult family members, increases the time spent at the playground, and helps promote the importance of lifelong fitness in children
  • Promote pride of place among neighborhoods where fitness areas are located
  • May qualify for increased grant funding related to obesity prevention

Read the Research

GameTime published a whitepaper on outdoor fitness parks and their value to communities. It includes data and research on the benefits of outdoor fitness areas and how your community can provide access to better health and wellness. Download your copy of this free whitepaper today!