February 05, 2020

Take a Selfie, Swing With Your Friends and Family

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and we receive thousands of photos from people around the world who love Expression Swing. Expression Swing is the world's most popular swing. With models for all ages and abilities, it's easy to understand why people love it. We love seeing people take a selfie, swing with friends and family, and experience the magic of Expression Swing. 

What Makes Expression Swing Special?

Parents tell us all the time they love to push their children on a swing. But since most of the time they are pushing from behind the swing, they miss out on the gleeful expressions on their child's face. They also miss out on the fun of playing on a swing, themselves.

With Expression Swing, the patented design places a parent and a child face-to-face and eye-to-eye. Now parents can see what they've been missing!

There's Science to Expression Swing, Too!

Dr. Stuart Brown, MD, a renown play scholar and psychologist, explains the science of Expression Swing in this short video. He describes the scientific principle of attunement, or social bonding, that occurs when a parent and child's eyes meet. According to Brown, three dimensional movement, like swinging, combined with attunement lights up the brain in many exciting ways.

Take a Selfie, Swing With Friends

Across social media, in our email inboxes, and DMs we receive fun and exciting photos and stories from people around the world. They love swinging with their toddler in our Expression Swing Toddler, sharing a moment with a friend with Expression Swing Tandem, or playing with a child or peer with special needs in Expression Swing Universal.

When we first released Expression Swing in 2015, we never expected so many people would share their experiences with us. It's one of the most exciting parts of the Expression Swing story.

Start Your Own Expression Swing Story

If you want to experience Expression Swing for yourself, or provide a unique play opportunity for people in your community, contact your local GameTime expert. We can help you select the right model Expression Swing, install it in your local park, and begin a new story for your community.