March 20, 2019

Spring Into Play

A Season of Play

Playgrounds are great places to play year-round and now that winter has given way to spring we are excited to see even more families in parks and on playgrounds. However, it's always fun to mix up your outdoor recreation activities. Getting your children outside is definitely more beneficial. It helps them stay more active and keeps them at a lower stress level, for example. Whether you’re living in the dry heat of the Southwest or surviving the frosty chill in the Northeast, spring is a great time to take advantage of the warmer days and enjoy some outdoor time. Here are some ideas to make your spring more playful from our friends at IPEMA and the Voice of Play.

Throw a ball around

The baseball and softball seasons are coming up in April and that means all of the professional and amateur players are already out conditioning! Head outside with your kids and start throwing around a ball. You can even teach them a few of the rules the pros play by. If your kids really like to play, you could even sign them up for tee ball, which is a great first introduction to baseball and softball, especially if your kids are younger.


Start a garden

Spring is the perfect time to start planting fruits and veggies! Not only will you be able to teach your kids where a majority of their food is coming from, but they’ll also be able to see their progress from start to finish and have fun playing in the dirt. Plant some new seeds to find a new favorite healthy food for your kids. Find out if your neighborhood has a community garden to encourage their green thumbs.


Go “exploring”

The air may still be cool, but hiking during spring ensures you don’t overheat. Go for a walk as a family to somewhere you wouldn’t normally visit – perhaps to the nearest forested area. Take a trip through greenery, jumping over fallen logs and picking the freshest flower. The fresh air and new surroundings will jumpstart your child’s creativity. Take advantage of this new area and make up a new game to play in the woods!


Fly a kite

Kids can burn up a lot of energy learning to fly a kite and running around with it! You don’t have to head to the store to pick up a kite – if you or your kids are feeling ambitious, make your own (which encourages creativity!).  If you have multiple kids or other kite enthusiasts in your neighborhood, you can even start your own competition to see who can fly their kite the best!


Row your boat

Take your kids to a nearby state park to go canoeing or kayaking! Teach your kids how to row and find out if they’re able to learn about all of the living things in the water, too – like algae and phytoplankton!


It doesn’t matter what your kids are playing, as long as they are outside reaping the great benefits the outdoors has to offer. Make sure your kids are properly dressed for their activities and let them play!