May 02, 2016

Report finds PE Classes and School Recess Essential for Better Learning

Recess is key to kids’ learning, and a report by SHAPE America adds evidence to that claim. Not only do active kids learn better, but physical education programs also teach them lifelong health skills.

According to the report, “Active and fit children consistently outperform less active, unfit students academically in both the short and long term.” Despite these findings, only Oregon and D.C. meet the national recommendations of weekly physical education. 

Shape America published a report on the important of recess at school for National PE Week.

Four schools in Fort Worth, Texas, have tested different recess policies, allowing kids breaks four times a day, with amazing results – kids were more focused, more creative, and more likely to solve problems on their own rather than immediately running to a teacher.

GameTime’s parent company, PlayCore, partnered with SHAPE America physical activity experts to craft PlayOn!. PlayOn! is a standards-based curricular and guidebook with 125 playground activities, professional development training, and more. Play On! promotes physical activity through well-designed playgrounds and creative outdoor learning activities. It offers schools a creative way to maximize their playground investment while meeting physical activity standards. Perhaps best of all, since the activities are centered around play, most children don’t even realize they are participating in fitness activities, to them it’s simply fun.

Shape America and GameTime worked together to craft the PlayOn! curriculum.

PlayOn! is one of many ways GameTime promotes physical activity for students, Challenge Course is an obstacle course race inspired fitness product that appeals to children who are looking for more challenge during recess. Combined with our Challenge Course Timing App for iOS and Android, it's a complete solution for measuring a student’s physical condition and monitoring improvements over time.

Shape America's new report shows the importance of physical activity at school.

You can download SHAPE America’s report here.