May 10, 2022

Inclusive Playground Products: 10 of Our Favorites

Inclusion looks like different things to different people. To illustrate, “inclusion” could mean hiring more people of color or members of varying cultural backgrounds for representation. “Inclusion” could also imply providing sign language at significant events or installing braille signs in a store.

Landscape architects, parks directors, and school officials want to bring elements of inclusion into their local play areas. Of course, this brings up many questions, such as “what is inclusive playground equipment?” and “where can I buy inclusive playground equipment?”

Here are 10 of our favorite inclusive playground equipment products that belong on any inclusive playground.

10. Sensory Wave Spinning Seat

The Sensory Wave Spinning Seat® is a fast, fun, and exciting freestanding play activity for children of all abilities. The high back molded sensory seat with handles and front pommel design helps children maintain a neutral body position while spinning.

If you need an affordable way to add an inclusive play element to your playground–this seat is the way!

9. Zero-G Swing Seat


Adding a Zero-G® Swing Seat to your playground allows children who need extra support to swing alongside their friends. The high back, wing support, broad base, and molded harness help the user maintain a neutral body position and lower fatigue as they swing. This inclusive playground equipment creates an environment of play parity where everyone can join in the fun. 

8. Sensory Wave Climber

Recognized with two international design awards, Sensory Wave Climber® is based on best practice research and addresses all five developmental domains: physical, social-emotional, sensory, cognitive, and communication. It allows children of all abilities to enjoy the benefits of climbing while enhancing sensory development.

Strategically placed molded-in grips, handholds, and a transfer area provide additional support for children of all abilities to maneuver through the climber. With a wide array of auditory, visual, and tactile sensors, you can create a sensory-rich freestanding or play system experience for all.

7. Expression Swing® Universal


The Expression Swing Universal is the adaptive version of the world’s favorite playground swing! 

It features the same adult swing seat as our original Expression Swing and includes an adaptive swing seat for children of all abilities (ages 5-12). The patented design positions adult and child face-to-face and eye-to-eye to encourage an emotional bond during play, also known as the scientific principle of attunement. 

6. Slide Transfer

The Slide Transfer is a GameTime innovation often overlooked in playground design. With the help of the Slide Transfer, people who use a mobility device can transfer from the device and onto the slide. Now, more people than ever before can experience the thrill of sliding.

5. Rockin’ Robin


Children can rock on the playground all day long with this playground favorite! 

The Rockin' Robin® has soft, curved edges and comfortable seating for children or adults to play together. This inclusive playground equipment rocks front-to-back to promote vestibular stimulation and social interaction as children work to rock themselves or others using the built-in handholds. The Rockin' Robin is also ADA compliant for an 18" transfer.

4. Braille and Sign Language Panels

Braille and Sign Language panels are a great way to encourage inclusive play by giving children a primer for Braille and American Sign Language (ASL). Children who learn about inclusivity from a young age are more likely to carry an inclusive mindset as they grow up.

3. GT Symphony Musical Instruments

GT Symphony® musical instruments are angled at 30º for easy reach and access and are tuned to a pentatonic scale. Every note and combination of notes sound right every time. These instruments also include an adaptive mallet for people with limited fine motor skills. 

2. Rock N Raft

Children of all abilities can imagine exploring the open seas with our inclusive Rock N Raft®. Each raft comes with seating for six and room for a person using a mobility device without transferring. This inclusive playground equipment glides as passengers shift their weight or push from the outside.


1. GT Wave


The GT Wave® is an innovative, inclusive net climbing structure. It is the industry's first net climber that features GameTime's EveryBody Plays® transfer platform attached to a SureGrip® accessible route leading to a six-foot zip slide. Children of all abilities experience a wide range of play adventures and physical, social-emotional, and cognitive skill development.



Be a Community Champion for Inclusion

Inclusive playground equipment can take many forms, depending on your space and budget. As you can see from this list, you can choose from musical instruments, rope climbers, slides, swings, and more.

It’s essential to adopt an inclusive mindset first and ensure your park can champion inclusion. Think about how people will use the entire space beyond the playground area. Are your bathrooms stocked and navigable by a mobility device? Can people in mobility devices exit their cars and explore the park?

To learn more about budgeting for inclusive playground equipment and plan an inclusive park, contact a GameTime representative today.