June 26, 2020

PlayCore Southern Fulfillment Center Achieves PCI 4000 Re-Certification

Chattanooga, TN – PlayCore is proud to announce their Southern Fulfillment Center has once again achieved PCI 4000 re-certification. The PCI 4000 Certification Program, administered by The Powder Coating Institute (PCI), is an extensive audit program that evaluates an OEM’s coating-related business practices, process elements, equipment, maintenance practices, and quality control capabilities. The Southern Fulfillment Center is the manufacturing headquarters for GameTime play and fitness products.

In order to maintain PCI certified status, annual audit procedures are required. The certification cycle consists of an intensive on-site audit, followed by two years of maintenance audits that require documentation that ensures processes and procedures evaluated during the on-site audit have been sustained to the level required for PCI 4000 certification. In year four, the intensive on-site audit is repeated. This year a two-day, comprehensive on-site audit was held at the Southern Fulfillment Center.

“Process measurement and repeatability are key to giving customers confidence that a certified finishing operation has the processes in place to do the job well,” notes Kevin Coursin, PCI’s Executive Director. “By successfully completing the re-certification process, PlayCore’s Southern Fulfillment Center continues to demonstrate that it understands powder coating is a high-performance painting process that must be maintained and controlled to optimize the performance of the finish.,” he adds. 

“When you visit one of our play and recreation structures throughout the world, you’ll notice our commitment to quality,” adds Southern Fulfilment Center General Manager, Spencer Cheak. “The community that uses the product on a daily basis counts on us to deliver a smooth, long-lasting finish as part of an overall product that stands the test of time. Our teams understand that what we make is used by children and families to promote health, activity, and fun. They take their commitment to these children, families, and communities very seriously.”

Cheak points to PlayCore’s PCI Certification as evidence of the company’s commitment to quality. “We are honored to maintain the Powder Coating Institute’s PCI 4000 Certification. To be recognized by a third party for our conscientious manufacturing practices and processes is not only a testament to all the hard work our team puts in to ensure a top-quality product but an overall assurance of quality that our customers can trust.”


About PlayCore

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