September 19, 2019

PlayCore Education Specialists Slated for Presentations at NRPA Conference

Outreach that Truly Reaches Out

PlayCore (GameTime’s parent company) and their Center for Outreach, Research and Education (CORE) will be leading six educational sessions at the 2019 NRPA Conference and Expo September 24-26 in Baltimore, Maryland. CORE hosts hundreds of educational workshops and symposiums across North America each year covering topics, such as inclusive play, outdoor fitness, placemaking, student health and wellness and much more. Accredited by IACET, PlayCore also awards CEUs to attendees of eligible courses and events. 


The schedule of events, as well as names of CORE presenters at NRPA, is listed below:


Tuesday, September 24

4:30PM – 4:50PM

Engaging and Partnering with Schools to Collectively Support Health and Wellness Initiatives

Room: 336

Speaker: Russ Carson


Wednesday, September 25

9:30 AM – 9:50 AM

Speed Session: Make Your Case: Define Your Message to Effectively Champion Inclusive Play 

Room: 309

Speaker: Jennie Sumrell


Wednesday, September 25

4:30PM – 4:50PM

Speed Session: Fostering Happier, Healthier Communities Through the Power of Play

Room: 317

Speaker: Jennie Sumrell


Wednesday, September 25

4:30PM – 4:50PM

Barking at the Right Tree: Off-Leash Dog Parks Planning Tips 

Room: 324/325/326

Speaker: Ines Palacios


Wednesday, September 25

4:30PM – 4:50PM

Speed Session: Creative Marketing on a Limited Budget Room: 308

Speaker: Anne-Marie Spencer


Thursday, September 26

11:00AM – 12:15PM

Healthy you, healthy me-Wellness initiatives for Multi-Generational Park Settings 

Room: 341

Speaker: Russ Carson and Anne-Marie Spencer