May 13, 2019

Play for Change Grant Brings Expression Swings to Pittsburgh Area Park

A Playful Gift

A park in a community just south of Pittsburgh has something special that you won't find on many playgrounds. Morgan Park in South Fayette Township has two new Expression Swings®, including the Expression Swing Universal for people with special needs. The community held a ribbon-cutting ceremony on May 8, 2019.

Friends try out Expression Swing Universal in Morgan Park


Expression Swing allows an adult and a child, or two children, to swing face-to-face, providing opportunities for multigenerational play and emotional bonding. It also allows a parent or grandparent to calm a child on the autism spectrum who is apprehensive about going on a swing. It's also great for being physically close to a child with developmental challenges for whom a traditional swing might be dangerous. There's a swing with a bucket seat for children under five years old and a facing adult swing. There's also one with an adult swing facing an adaptive seat that provides additional support for children ages 5 to 12 of all abilities.

Expression Swing is a patented design that positions a parent and child face-to-face and eye-to-eye

Installation of the Morgan Park swings was paid for with a $3,500 Play for Change grant, funded by the Grable Foundation and the Benedum Foundation, and awarded to South Fayette Township in partnership with the Watson Institute. The Watson Institute is an organization providing special education programming and services for children ages 3 to 21. 

Congratulations to South Fayette Township, and thanks to the Grable and Benedum Foundations for their generosity.