Designing a playground for preschools and early learning centers is a task that goes beyond mere aesthetics; it is a thoughtful process that intertwines growth, education, and - most importantly - fun!

A well-designed playground serves as a dynamic space where young minds embark on a journey of exploration and discovery. From vibrant colors to age-appropriate equipment, every element within the space plays a critical role in fostering physical, cognitive, and social development.

Read on to learn how to design a preschool playground that can transform outdoor spaces into enriching environments for early childhood development.


Preschool Play System


Early Childhood Playgrounds and Play Systems

Play systems are brimming with activities to ensure a comprehensive play experience for your recreation space. Each playground is constructed with durable materials and is backed by the industry’s leading warranty.

ECHO play systems are ideal for children ages 6 to 23 months or 2 to 5 years old. While ECHO systems take up very little space, they are still packed with interactive games, slides, climbers, seats, musical instruments, and more.

If you love the look of our ECHO line but want more design flexibility, explore our PrimeTime ECHO line. Primetime ECHO systems are packed with different activities while still paying homage to the whimsical ECHO look.

Xscape playground systems are designed to help children improve upper body strength and overall health and wellness, while still being packed with tons of fun! Our Xscape 2-5 line is tailored specifically to help younger players develop motor skills, balance, and coordination.

Our TotStuff line is an affordable alternative to our other product lines, allowing play to be more accessible to all. TotStuff play systems are durable and ideal for high-capacity use, making them great church playgrounds and preschool playgrounds.




Freestanding Preschool Playground Equipment

Investing in freestanding playground equipment is an easy way to add a new playful experience when working with a limited budget or space. This is a great way to integrate playground equipment for day care centers, churches, or schools that might want to start small with their investment.

Bingo’s Playhouse features ground level play activities that appeal to younger users, such as a spinning flower garden and a fun fence with a mailbox. Specifically designed for toddler and preschool age groups, this playhouse allows imaginations to run wild!

Activity Centers are compact, developmentally appropriate freestanding structures for preschoolers. Each center features different playful experiences that promote motor skill development and sensory exploration.

TotStuff freestanding equipment is fun, affordable, and designed specifically for little imaginations! This equipment is durable and ideal for high-capacity spaces.


Bingo's Playhouse


Little Feet, Big Feats of Play

The design of a preschool-age playground can shape the formative years of our youngest learners. The commitment to thoughtful design not only enhances physical well-being but also nurtures creativity, social skills, and a lifelong love for exploration.

Depending on the size, space, and budget of your project; you can either invest in a single comprehensive play system or slowly build a larger playful experience by installing freestanding equipment over the passing years. To learn more about how you can bring the gift of play to your early learning center, contact a local GameTime representative today to craft a solution that works best for your community.